Is a Cockapoo a good family dog?

Updated 30/12/2022

Is a Cockapoo a good family dog

A small, loyal, friendly, and obedient dog, the Cockapoo is perfect for most situations. With only moderate energy requirements, the Cockapoo is never frenetic and will wait peacefully and patiently for its owner to come home.

But is a Cockapoo a good family dog? Are they easy to groom and take care of, and do they get along with children? This is what we’re taking a look at:

Personality Traits of Cockapoos

1. Affectionate: Cockapoos are incredibly loving and affectionate towards their owners. They are very loyal and will often try to please their owners in any way they can.

2. Intelligent: Cockapoos are very intelligent, making them easy to train and eager to learn. They are also good problem solvers and can remember commands easily.

3. Sociable: Cockapoos are generally very sociable and enjoy being around people. They are curious and often seek out attention and interaction from those around them.

4. Playful: Cockapoos are usually very playful and enjoy being active. They love to play games and make good companions for children.

5. Adaptable: Cockapoos are usually quite adaptable and can fit into different environments quite easily. They are also good travellers and do not mind being in the car for extended periods of time.

Are Cockapoos Ok with a Cat in the house?

Yes, Cockapoos are usually very good with cats and other animals if they are socialized properly. Cockapoos make great family pets, so they should get along well with a cat in the house.

Are Cockapoos Ok with our Dog in the house?

Yes, Cockapoos are known to be good with other animals, including other dogs. They are social and affectionate dogs, so they tend to get along well with other canine companions.

You should always introduce the two dogs slowly and in a neutral setting to ensure a positive introduction.

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Does a Cockapoo need a lot of space?

The Cockapoo itself is a fairly small dog, but both the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle are busy, boisterous working dogs. So, yes, the Cockapoo definitely does need access to lots of space, where they can romp around and play to their heart’s content with their family,

Being able to play in the family backyard would be brilliant for a Cockapoo. But otherwise, this obedient, people-oriented breed of dog would also thrive with access to any nearby large green space, for at least 15 minutes worth of fetch or frisbee every day, on top of a walk around the block.

Will a Cockapoo bark a lot?

Since the Cockapoo does not inherit any yappy guard dog tendencies from either of its crossed breeds, a Cockapoo is unlikely to bark much at passing people or vehicles, or when people come to the door.

But, with the loyalty the Cockapoo inherits from both its breeds, a Cockapoo may start to bark or even howl due to separation anxiety, when they are separated from the family that they have become so attached to. They are likely to bark with excitement when they see the kids coming home from school.

How often will I need to brush a Cockapoo?

Everyone thinks the Poodle that the Cockapoo gets its coat from is one truly pampered pooch. This is partially true, but mostly uncalled for, especially when it comes to the Cockapoo.

The Cockapoo actually sheds very little and is virtually odorless, too. But, a Cockapoo will need to be brushed every day to avoid mats and tangles. Everyone in the family can take their turn, even the little ones with a suitable brush for the Cockapoo’s single coat.

Best dog bushes for a Cockapoo

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How often do I need to bathe a Cockapoo?

Again, despite the reputation of the Poodle, the Cockapoo is not quite as high maintenance. In fact, to prevent their coat’s special natural oils from being stripped and to better preserve its health, a Cockapoo should really only be bathed when absolutely necessary.

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That being said, it is, of course, always a good idea to give them a paw and tail (and maybe even ear) wash after a particularly muddy walk, especially if your Cockapoo is the type of dog that likes to clean itself. You can always involve the family in bathing too, as the Cockapoo can be frisky.

Do pay special attention to your Cockapoo’s floppy Spaniel ears, which do not get much air circulation, and so often retain moisture, especially after bathing. Every week, your Cockapoo’s ears will need to be wiped out with a moist cotton ball. Never insert anything deep into your pooch’s ear!

If your Cockapoo is especially Spaniel-like, consider consulting with your vet about a more appropriate method to care for the dog’s ears. They may recommend a specific cleaning solution, ear drops that are designed especially for dogs like this.

Do you have to trim a Cockapoo’s fur?

Okay, so the Cockapoo has a pretty low-maintenance single coat. But do you have to cut it? And if so, how often?

Yes, a Cockapoo’s coat does grow, so you will need to take them for a trim every now and then. Not too often, though – experts recommend that you cut your Cockapoo’s fur around every 8 to 12 weeks, to prevent tangles and matting. I use these Ceenwes Dog Clippers.

But, if you want to give them a tidy up before a show, or if you would rather wait until summer to shear them, that’s fine too; every Cockapoo is an individual dog and every family wants different things for their lovely pooch.

Are Cockapoos easy to train?

Since they are a cross between two highly obedient working dogs, yes, Cockapoos are very easy to train. You and your kids will have them sitting, staying, lying down, and heeling in no time, and off-leash time at the park should also be a breeze with this loyal pooch!

The kids will love showing off what their dog can do to their friends. Involve them in the training sessions so that everyone is using the same commands and the dog doesn’t get confused.

But, do be aware of a more Spaniel-like Cockapoo’s tendency to occasionally have its obedience and loyalty be overruled by its hunting nose. So, work very hard on recall and always have treats in your pocket to entice them back, if needed.

Is a Cockapoo intelligent?

Yes, a Cockapoo is a very smart breed of dog. This is part of the reason why they are so easy to train. This big brain can mean that a Cockapoo is easily bored, though. To combat this, you will need to give your Cockapoo lots of mental stimulation.

One way to do this is through puzzle toys for dogs, which your Cockapoo can use their Cocker Spaniel sense of smell with as they figure out how to get their kibble out.

Here are my favorite puzzle toys you can order online.

Or, you can send your Cockapoo on a “Sniffari” in the yard or park. For this game, you simply scatter some treats or kibble around on the ground for your Cockapoo to sniff out.

You could even just give your Cockapoo a big raw bone, for them to figure out how to chew.

All of these games will exhaust your Cockapoo by getting them to use their sense of smell and their brain to get to the bottom of how to eat these things.

Do Cockapoos like kids?

Both the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle are breeds that do alright with children, so it should come as no surprise that the Cockapoo also gets along great with kids!

What’s more is, the small fluffball that is the Cavapoo is also the perfect size to play with even younger children without knocking them down when the dog gets excited, as long as the kids are educated about how to approach dogs, and they play nicely with the Cockapoo in turn.

Will a Cockapoo aggravate allergies?

Did you know that a Cockapoo is seen as being hypoallergenic? This is because of the breed’s unique coat which casts very little hair. This means that there will be next to no dander coming from your Cockapoo to the extent that they won’t bother anyone who is allergic to dogs’ hair.

However, if you are allergic to dogs and you are the one brushing, bathing, and trimming a Cockapoo’s fur, there’s a very small chance that you may get a reaction, no matter how much the dog usually sheds.

Is the Cockapoo loyal?

Being a cross between the extremely loyal Cocker Spaniel and the equally people-loving Poodle, yes, the Cockapoo is an incredibly loyal dog breed that will watch you closely and follow your instructions.  They might even keep an eye on the younger children for you at times!

3 Common Cavapoo Puppy Behavior

1. Chewing: Cavapoos puppies often chew on furniture, clothing, and other household items. Provide them with plenty of chew toys to keep them occupied and help redirect their chewing behavior.

2. Barking: Cavapoo puppies may bark when they hear noises, when they’re excited, or when they’re seeking attention. Teaching them to bark on command and using positive reinforcement can help reduce excessive barking.

3. Jumping: Cavapoo puppies may jump up on people or furniture out of excitement. Teaching them to stay off the furniture and redirecting their jumping onto appropriate items can help.

So, is a Cockapoo a good family dog?

Well, the Cockapoo is loyal, friendly, playful, and obedient. It also gets along well with kids, is easy to train, and is small enough to cuddle while being large enough to have good stamina.

So yes, the Cockapoo makes a very good family dog! It will be easy for the kids to take care of a Cockapoo, and a Cockapoo should never be rough with the kids, either. In short, the Cockapoo is a good all-round dog for families.

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