Do Cockapoo’s like to cuddle?

Do Cockapoo’s like to cuddle?

After working with a huge amount of different dog breeds over the years I have gained the experience and knowledge to explain the behaviours and traits of many of them, Especially the beautiful Cockapoo.

Why Cockapoos Make Such an affectionate breed

If you’re looking for a dog that will sit with you on the couch in the evenings or snuggle up to you at bedtime then a Cockapoo is the dog for you. The Cockapoo is an extremely affectionate breed of dog, As half of their genes come from the Cocker Spaniel which is well known for being a loving and loyal companion. 

Every dog will have their own individual personalities just as humans do but on a whole, you won’t find a much more affectionate breed than the Cockapoo. Unlike some breeds, Cockapoos can show love and affection to people outside of their homes.

They love attention, and while they are very loyal to their owners they also like a soothing pat on the head from a passer-by or a belly scratch from a family member or friend.

Do Cockapoo’s make good lap dogs?

Well, it all depends on what your definition of a lap dog is. Some people want a dog that will sit/lay on their lap all day long without the need to go and explore or play.

If this is the case then the cockapoo wouldn’t be the best fit for them.

However, if you want a dog that will come and give you lots of cuddles and snuggle up to you when you decide to chill on the sofa while still being able to entertain themselves with toys and self-play throughout the day then a Cockapoo would be a much better fit for you.

Cockapoo’s are quite a needy breed of dog so you need to expect that any time you sit down, you will end up with your furry friend on your lap.

So much so, that I recommend getting into the habit of putting food or drinks onto a sturdy surface before you sit down because the chances are that your Cockapoo will be next to you and eager to jump up for the next cuddle session.

I would recommend that you do not cuddle your Cockapoo or have him on your lap every time you sit or lay down.

The reason behind this is because they are well known for being needy and if you don’t get a handle on it from a young age, it could end up causing negative behavior or separation anxiety when you leave the house.

Can anyone cuddle a Cockapoo?

The short answer is yes. Not only are Cockapoo’s one of the most friendly and easy-going breeds of dogs but they can be hypoallergenic too.

A Cockapoo is a mix between a Cocker spaniel and a Poodle. There are three types of poodle:

  • Standard Poodle
  • Miniature Poodle
  • Toy Poodle

The most common type to be bred with a Cocker Spaniel in the U.K would be a Miniature poodle but in the U.S the breeders are more likely to use all three types of Poodle to breed a Cockapoo.

This means that sizes may vary. For Example, if you are looking into getting a Cockapoo and have a need/want for a small dog then I would suggest that you find out which type of poodle was used.

A standard poodle sized Cockapoo might be slightly harder to snuggle up to you on the couch or to pick up and cuddle.

Due to the poodle having a low dander count (amount of dead skin shed) and a low shedding coat, the Cockapoo tends to inherit the same genes which class it as a hypoallergenic breed.

However, this is more likely to apply if your Cockapoo has inherited the stunning curly poodle coat rather than the silky cocker spaniel coat.

I would always advise that you spend time cuddling and playing with your future friend before purchasing or adopting him, especially if you are an allergy sufferer.

This will just allow you to get to know each other and prepare you for any allergy-related issues before you make a lifelong commitment to the dog.

Lastly, we should talk about children trying to cuddle your Cockapoo. Some people might tell you that Cockapoos are great family dogs and generally, they are.

Personally, I have never come across an aggressive or intolerant Cockapoo while being around children but you must remember that every dog is an individual and they won’t all have the same temperament.

It is just as important for your dog to be comfortable around your child as it is for you so my advice would be to introduce them both to each other a few times before any long term decisions are made.

If the dog takes to your child and wants to be fussed and cuddled then it will set your mind at ease and calm any worries you may have. As always, I advise that you never leave a child and a dog alone together. This goes for all breeds of dogs.

What is the safest way to pick up your Cockapoo?

Surprisingly, there are some do’s and dont’s when picking up your little fur baby. I have some tips which could help you to know how best to cuddle/lift your Cockapoo.

Firstly look at the size of him/her and decide whether they will fall under a small dog category or a medium dog category.

Cockapoos are extremely eager to please due to those Cocker Spaniel genes which will make it much easier for you to teach a verbal command or a certain hand gesture before lifting your pooch.

Of Course, this is much easier to do from a young age but you can still train an older dog with a bit of patience, perseverance, and being consistent with every lift or cuddle.

You can choose whichever command works best for you as long as you do the same thing every time so that your dog knows what you are about to do and won’t be startled.

Small dogs are slightly easier to lift and cuddle. You simply give your command and then slide one arm through the dog’s two front legs, using a flat palm to support your dog’s chest.

You can then use your other arm to help you lift your pooch and tuck his back legs between your arm and body for extra support. This is the best technique for your dog to feel safe and a good position for you to give him/her a loving cuddle.

Medium dogs will need a little more strength and support. Start with your choice of command and then put one arm on the back legs where the leg bends and the other arm on the front of the chest making sure that you have a good grip before you start to lift.

Once you’re satisfied that you have a good grip you can start to lift your dog up close to your chest for extra support. Your dog will feel safe in this position and it’s great for practicality but I’d recommend a cuddle on the couch for comfort. Your dog can then choose their own cuddle position.

The DO NOT list is simply learning which body parts you can’t put pressure on or pull from. You should never pick a dog up using their collar or by the scruff of the neck. This will cause your dog pain and could cause a negative reaction. You must never pull the tail or legs for the same reason.

I also believe that you shouldn’t pick up or try to cuddle your dog without first letting them know that you wish to do so. It’s likely to startle them, this is why the command works so well.

If you use the techniques I mentioned earlier then you and your dog should have a positive experience.

How often should you cuddle your Cockapoo?

Cockapoos are extremely loving and will probably lap up every cuddle and bit of attention you give them.

This is great and will create a loving and lifelong bond between you both. However, remember that this particular breed can be needy and therefore too much cuddling could create some unwanted or negative behaviors.

One of the complaints that I’ve come across with Cockapoo’s is the nudge.

At first, it can seem harmless and even cute. Suddenly your dog is beginning to nudge your arm when you’ve got a hot drink in your hand or when you’re trying to concentrate/work on something.

Of course, this is a problem but it’s also dangerous for you and your pooch. There are two tips I can give you.

Firstly ignore the behavior every time it happens. Showing affection just one time can undo weeks of hard work and encourage the nudging to continue.

You must stick to it and be consistent. Secondly, if the ignoring doesn’t seem to be working then you can get up and walk away.

Sometimes this may not be convenient for you if you’re in the middle of a task but it doesn’t take long for them to realize that this form of behavior will not get them what they want, in fact, quite the opposite.

Another complaint in regards to Cockapoo’s cuddles involves boundaries. This particular breed loves hard and they want to be the center of your attention and if that means sitting in your lap with their face 2 inches from yours then that’s what they will do.

Try to remember that you are the pack leader and you set the boundaries.

If you can, start young and cuddle your Cockapoo at certain times of the day or allow cuddles on certain items of furniture and not on others. They are such an intelligent breed that they will catch on quickly and learn the routine as you set it.

 If you have adopted or rescued a Cockapoo that is older and more set in their ways then I’ve found the best way to combat this behavior is to get up and walk away or do something different.

When the cuddle is within the boundaries you’ve set, give plenty of love and fuss to show them that this is acceptable to you.

With a little persistence, you will find that these negative behaviors will gradually improve and cuddles will be a positive experience again.

Should I let my Cockapoo cuddle in bed at night?

There are different views about whether you should cuddle your dog in your bed at night time. Everyone will decide the best way for themselves and their dog so all I can do is tell you about some of the positives and negatives I’ve come across so that you can make an informed decision.

If you can, teach your pooch from a young age to leave the bed with a specific command. When the time for privacy comes around, life will be that much easier.

Laying on the bed and cuddling your dog can be a lovely experience and studies have shown that it can benefit mental wellbeing. You just need to make sure you set the boundaries as I said earlier.

For someone who suffers from loneliness and lives on their own, letting their dog cuddle or sleep upon the bed can make them feel better, less alone, and even protected.

Having said this, there are some negative repercussions that can and have happened to some owners. The first problem is dominance. Dogs may think that by sleeping with you they are the leader of the pack, this doesn’t apply to all dogs but it is something to watch out for.

Another issue is hygiene. You could be the best pet owner in the world and keep all flea, worming, and tic medications up to date and yet one of these critters still finds their way into your bed.

It could be as simple as your dog running in the garden and then going straight to your bed to relax.

Especially with their typical fluffy and curly coat, there is more chance for the critters to nuzzle in or even dirt and other things to cling to. Something to think about.

Finally, you may find that you both get disturbed sleep. It’s not too much of a problem for your dog but you probably don’t have the privilege of laying around and sleeping throughout the day as your Cockapoo does.

When dogs dream you’ll find that some of them will kick their legs or sometimes even bark in their sleep.

I’m sure you will agree that these behaviors could make it very difficult to get a quality night’s sleep, especially if they are snuggled right up to you for a cuddle.

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By Holly Berry.

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