Do Cavapoos Need Lots of Exercise?

Do Cavapoos Need Lots of Exercise?
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The Cavapoo is a little dog with a unique fluffy coat. People primarily adopt the Cavapoo to be a pet dog. Indeed, Cavapoos do make great pets.

Cavapoo has somewhat high energy requirements. However, it’s easy to give your Cavapoo the daily activity they need. A short walk followed by a couple of sessions playing with a small ball

But every dog needs some daily activity, right? So, do Cavapoos need lots of exercises? Or can you just throw a ball around together for a few minutes each day? In this post, we’ll be answering these questions and more. So, read on to find out lots about the cuddly stuffed-toy-like dog that is the Cavapoo!

What is the Cavapoo like?

The Cavapoo is a cross between the small lapdog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle giant fluffball. These dogs have a soft, hypoallergenic coat that ranges from curly or wavy to straight and can even possess all three textures at once!

The Cavapoo is also boisterous and playful and will play all day if you let it. Cavapoos are easy to train, too, and they pick up new games and skills with remarkable speed! But, being a small dog, it’s essential to limit your Cavapoo’s activity.

How much exercise do Cavapoos need?

With the Cavapoo breed being part Poodle, you might think that the Cavapoo has just as high energy requirements. Poodles need up to 2 whole hours of exercise a day!

But actually, the average adult Cavapoo needs merely 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day. This activity should consist of various types of exercise, including gentle exercise and more brisk, strenuous activity.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop and set a timer every time you play with your Cavapoo or walk them! 30 to 60 minutes is just a guideline daily activity target for your Cavapoo. It’s okay for your Cavapoo to go way over 60 minutes on one day while only exercising for maybe 20 minutes on another day.

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If you are interested in keeping track of how much activity your Cavapoo gets each day, why not look into a fitness tracking collar? These collars work much like our own activity collars and give you a good overview of your Cavapoo’s general health.

Do Cavapoos need a walk every day?

Taking your Cavapoo for a walk has a myriad of benefits. Not only does walking help your Cavapoo get the daily activity they need, but going for a daily wander also helps your Cavapoo get necessary stimulation (sniffing things) and socialization (sniffing furry friends!).

This means that even a short walk can have your Cavapoo completely zonked out in the afternoon for a while!

But does your Cavapoo need to go for a walk every day? Sure, walking provides your Cavapoo with good gentle exercise.

However, more high-octane physical activity is also essential. For example, playing 10 minutes of Fetch is an excellent way to get your Cavapoo sprinting around. Or, throwing a Frisbee for 20 minutes gets your Cavapoo to run and jump!

So, there’s nothing wrong with taking your Cavapoo for a stimulating walk every day. But, if you find yourself forced to take a shorter walk or just want to mix things up, a 10-minute walk coupled with plenty of active play will meet your Cavapoo’s daily energy requirements.

What precautions should I take with my Cavapoo’s exercises?

With the Cavapoo being such a small dog, there is a high risk of injury from over-exercise. Because of this, there are some things that you should watch out for. Whether you’re walking your Cavapoo or playing with them, always check for signs that they are tiring.

If your Cavapoo slows down or pulls backwards while walking, or even lies down on the ground, this is a sure sign that your Cavapoo is getting tired. If your Cavapoo does any of these things, turn around and head back towards home. Let your Cavapoo rest for a while before you try exercising together again.

The same goes for when you’re playing together in the yard or at the park. Try not to get your Cavapoo too excited, and don’t throw their Fetch toy too far.

As well as this, always offer plenty of fresh water for your Cavapoo during exercise. When playing, keep the water bowl nearby. If your Cavapoo stops for a drink of water, don’t start to play again right away. Instead, let your Cavapoo rest for a while. If you have to get moving again soon after your Cavapoo drinks some water, encourage your Cavapoo to walk slowly.

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Cavapoos adore children and love to play with kids. There’s no harm in this, either. Cavapoos generally get along great with children. But that being said, it’s still important to keep an eye on your Cavapoo when they play with kids. Don’t let children lift your Cavapoo or pull their tail or ears. Smaller Cavapoos can quickly get badly hurt, even during regular play.

The Cavapoo is a true fluffball with a fleece even a sheep or yak would envy! However, this coat can get in the way of exercising your Cavapoo. Even in the depths of winter, you’ll find many a Cavapoo lying stretched out in the snow.

So, keep an eye on the length of your Cavapoo’s coat. Brush their coat regularly to help your Cavapoo shed, and get your Cavapoo groomed if they struggle with the heat.

What kind of exercise does the Cavapoo need?

Going out for walkies is the best type of exercise to start with. Your Cavapoo can meet other dogs, see and smell all sorts of things, and have a great time.

You have the option to take it slow or go for a jog or run together. All dogs enjoy this stimulating activity. Walking at a gentle pace for up to 60 minutes is excellent for your Cavapoo. But, do try to factor in some more strenuous physical activity, too.

Then there are games like Fetch or Frisbee. But, of course, restrictions like how windy it is or the size of your yard limit how much you can play these games. Nevertheless, 10 minutes of tiring games like these every day should be enough for most Cavapoos.

Just make sure to give your Cavapoo a wide variety of exercise each day. Some play with some walking is best.

So, do Cavapoos need lots of exercise?

For a small breed, yes – the Cavapoo has somewhat high energy requirements. However, it’s easy to give your Cavapoo the daily activity they need.

A short walk followed by a couple of sessions playing with a small ball, your Cavapoo will be all too happy to collapse on the couch with you at the end of an exhausting, fun-filled day!

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