Complete Cavapoo Guide: Statistics and Facts

Complete Cavapoo Guide: Must Read Facts

Welcome to the ultimate Cavapoo Guide!

Are Cavapoos Good First Dogs to own?

Cavapoos are devoted, curious, loving, and sociable dogs. They are a well-rounded canine with a lot of good traits. Their sweet-natured, and want to please their owners, so it makes them a good dog for first-time owners.

The people-oriented Cavapoo loves children! With zero prey drive, your Cavapoo won’t protest at being made to play all sorts of games with kids, from fetch to frisbee. For more info on this click here.

Why are Cavapoos so expensive?

One factor is that Cavapoos have hypoallergenic properties and a winning personality.

A good breeder will get all the necessary health clearances for the two Cavapoos they intend to breed and won’t breed Cavapoos who carry any hereditary conditions. Unfortunately, the cost of this health testing must then be passed on to you, the buyer. 

You can expect to pay in the US anywhere from $1200 to $2000. The price depends on how reputable your breeder is. To find out more read our full post here.

Can Cavapoos Develop Diabetes?

Yes, Cavapoos can develop diabetes more than 95% of diabetes in dogs are Type I. With that said, Type II is considered to be much rarer.

having low insulin production, the blood sugar becomes too high. You might observe that your Cavapoo drinks more water than usual and has frequent urination. Please read our full post on this here.

Why are Cavapoos so clingy?

The main reason why Cavapoos are so clingy is that they were bred to be. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a notoriously clingy toy lapdog, bred for this sole purpose since the 17th century. So, it’s no surprise that the Cavapoo is unbelievably clingy too.

Since Cavapoos are predisposed to becoming clingy and getting in the way, it’s a good idea to teach your Cavapoo a command for going to their bed or basket and lying down. Our full post on this is here.

5 Cavapoo facts

Are Cavapoos Aggressive?

No, a Cavapoo is not naturally aggressive. The Cavapoo was initially bred to make a calm, hypoallergenic lapdog.

Neither the Poodle nor the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is regarded as being notoriously aggressive dogs.

Some Cavapoos show signs of food aggression, where they bark or try to bite anyone who touches their bowl or moves past them while they are eating.

Your Cavapoo may also be protective of treats and titbits, running off to eat them, hiding them, and growling at anyone who tries to remove it. For more information on Cavapoos and aggression click here.

Are Cavapoos Barkers?

Yes, Cavapoos do bark. Although they are not known for barking problems – the average Cavapoo is vocal and can develop a serious bark

Below are three main reasons why your Cavapoo may bark.

  • Defensive Behavior
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Discomfort

The Cavapoo’s undying loyalty can often lead to separation anxiety. What’s more, a Cavapoo who has separation anxiety is prone to barking and howling from the stress of being left alone.

Some Cavapoos start to bark their heads off when they see a fly or hear a mere doorbell sound effect on the radio, for example! Find out more here.

What Health Problems do Cavapoos Have?

Read here to find out about 10 of the most common health problems that can occur in the Cavapoo breed.

4 questions to ask when buying from a Cavapoo breeder

Take a look at the litter’s surroundings.

The puppies should be sleeping in a box or basket near the Cavapoo mother. The Cavapoo puppies’ father may be nearby, too.

If the breeder won’t let you see where the puppies have been staying, or if the Cavapoo puppies have been staying in unsanitary conditions, this is a major red flag.

Ask to see both parents’ health certifications?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask your breeder. Before a person breeds any dog, they should first take the parent dogs to the vet to test that they will not pass on that breed’s most common hereditary health issues.

In the Cavapoo, these issues include eye problems, heart diseases, and hip issues.

Have the puppies been socialized?

A good breeder will begin to socialize their puppies as soon as the puppies are old enough. This means your Cavapoo puppy will have experience walking on a leash and should be used to everyday household objects.

Have the puppies been vaccinated and wormed?

Since the Cavapoo litter is probably around 8 to 12 weeks old, this makes them just old enough for their first vaccinations and worming treatments.

If the breeder has already taken your Cavapoo puppy for first vaccinations and worming treatment, this will factor into the cost of your puppy. Read our article here.

Potty Training Your Cavapoo

Having inherited the Poodle’s intelligence, the Cavapoo is easy to train and will do anything to impress its favorite people.

it is always a good idea to start training your dog as early as possible. But, how early is too early for a Cavapoo? Most people start to potty train their Cavapoo around 8 weeks old.

Potty training tips for your Cavapoo

Potty training tips for your Cavapoo
  1. Be sure not to make them too excited; Scoop your Cavapoo up and take them over to their toilet area to relieve themselves.
  2. Encourage your Cavapoo to poop and pee every time they wake up from a nap throughout the day.
  3. Take your Cavapoo for a toilet break is shortly after eating. You may need to wait up to 30 minutes after your Cavapoo eats until they let you know that they need to go.
  4. Read the 7 tips here.

Do Cavapoos Need Lots of Exercise?

dog owners claime that dog walks made their dog feel:

For a small breed, yes, Cavapoos have somewhat high energy requirements. However, it’s easy to give your Cavapoo the daily activity they need. A short walk followed by a couple of sessions playing with a small ball.

The average adult Cavapoo needs merely 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day. Read here for a more in-depth answer.

Can Cavapoos be left alone?

A Cavapoo is a loyal and friendly dog, the Cavapoo can absolutely be left at home alone. Just make sure you give your Cavapoo something to keep them occupied, as well as making sure they are safe, warm, and have access to food and water.

Before you leave your Cavapoo at home alone, it’s a good idea to tire them out. So, give your Cavapoo plenty of active play before you set off to work or school.

Games like Fetch or Frisbee are great for providing the high-octane activity needed to exhaust your pooch. Read our full guide here.

Are Cavapoos Better in Pairs?

Cavapoos are definitely better in pairs! As long as your Cavapoos get plenty of opportunities to spend time alone, too, the friendly nature Cavapoos have can lead to a one-of-a-kind relationship between the two dogs.

Cavapoos also get along well with their canine siblings. So whether you go for a fellow Cavapoo or a dog of another breed, your Cavapoo would have a great time living with another doggy friend. Read the rest here.

Are Cavapoo Good with Other Dogs?

Are we touched upon before, a Cavapoo is a friendly, loyal, calm, and reliable dog breed. The Cavapoo also has almost no prey drive or tendency towards rounding other animals or dogs up. Cavapoos get along well with other dogs. Find the full post here.

Can Cavapoos be Good Guard Dogs?

Cavapoos do have several traits that should make the breed a good guard dog. The Cavapoo’s undying loyalty and friendliness mean that the breed would love nothing better than to protect you.

However, the breed is also somewhat small and delicate, so they may just lick you to death. More on this here.

Do Cavapoos Have Docked Tails?

Many people who visit a breeder’s kennels are surprised to be greeted with 100% purebred Cavapoo puppies with short, stumpy tails. What is going on? Is this normal? Can Cavapoos have docked tails?

Cavapoos do not have naturally docked or bobbed tails, though it’s not currently unusual to see very young Cavapoos with their tails docked already. Hopefully though, in the coming years, there will be fewer and fewer Cavapoos with docked tails.

When Will my Cavapoo Calm Down?

Adults 2 years and up, they will then begin the calm down. It will be a slow transition.

the Cavapoo does not have an established reputation for being a hyper dog. But this may be partially due to the fact that the Cavapoo is such a young breed that they do not have an established reputation for being anything. Find out more here.

Are Cavapoos Good Apartment Dogs?

As long as they are well-trained and have a good routine, there’s generally no reason why this adaptable breed couldn’t thrive in an apartment.

A Cavapoo is also half King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, a breed of dog that has been deliberately bred to get more and more loyal (or needy) in every generation.

This means that the only space a Cavapoo is interested in most of the time is your lap. There is more you should read here.

Do Cavapoos Like to Cuddle?

The teddy bear Cavapoo is generally always up for cuddling! However, just be sure to get your Cavapoo’s attention before you touch them, and consider what your Cavapoo is doing at the time.

Cavapoos can actually develop separation anxiety very easily, so it’s important that you train them to tolerate being alone to a certain extent, from an early age. Otherwise, they could develop negative behaviors. Click Do Cavapoos Like to Cuddle for more!

Do Cavapoos Have a Double Coat?

Yes, the Cavapoo have double coats – this means that they have the same guard hair as a single coated dog, but it’s combined with another coat.

Well, some breeds of dog like the Jack Russell for example just have a single coat, comprised of hair referred to as the guard hair. This guard hair sheds easily, falling out all over the place – much to a single-coated dog’s owner’s chagrin.

Whereas other dogs, from the Bichon Frise to the Huskies, the Poodle, and yes, even the Cavapoo have double coats – this means that they have the same guard hair as a single coated dog, but it’s combined with another coat.

This is the soft and insulating fur that makes up a Cavapoo’s undercoat. Click here for more.

Do Cavapoos Like to Swim?

9 out of ten Cavapoos absolutely adore splashing around in the water, bobbling along on the surface with aplomb and enthusiasm.

Though a streamlined, comfortable Cavapoo may seem capable and look like they are doing well, the small Cavapoo could suddenly become exhausted and might get into difficulty in water that is deep for them. Read the full post here.

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