Are Cavapoos Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Cavapoos Good Apartment Dogs?

A friendly and hardy yet small breed of dog, the popular Cavapoo is as close to a teddy bear as you can get in a dog.

Still quite a young breed though, every single Cavalier Poodle cross dog is absolutely unique, with their own distinct personality and nature – no two Cavapoos are remotely alike.

But do they tend to have a temperament that allows them to spend a lot of time indoors without getting stressed out about it?

Are Cavapoos good apartment dogs? Let’s find out:

Do Cavapoos Need a Lot of Space?

Though they have some of the genes of the Poodle breed – a breed of dog that has been known to occasionally grow quite large – surprisingly, a Cavapoo tends to turn out to be comparatively small, even when fully grown.

The larger Cavapoos are typically around 25 pounds or 12 kilograms maximum.

Therefore, you’d think that the average Cavapoo wouldn’t require too much space, at least when it comes to sleeping or chilling out (which are two things that a Cavapoo truly excels at, by the way).

But you must remember that a Cavapoo is also half King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, a breed of dog that has been deliberately bred to get more and more loyal (or needy) in every generation.

This means that the only space a Cavapoo is interested in most of the time is your lap.

When you come home from work or school, though, this can often be the highlight of this lapdog’s day, so it wouldn’t be surprising for a Cavapoo to start sprinting around in sheer joy at the sight of their master, the favorite person in their life.

No matter how much space of their own you set aside for them inside your home, a Cavapoo will probably forsake it in favor of snuggling up right beside you, sticking right beside you from the moment you step in the door to the moment you leave.

Whether it’s a crate with the plushest mat possible or even the softest dog bed you could find, nothing compares to the perceived comfort of their owner’s arms, whether open or not so open, for this half-lapdog, all-fluffball breed.

So, even an absolutely tiny apartment is fine for the compact lapdog Cavapoo.

Will a Cavapoo Shed Everywhere?

Being a cross between the ultra silky King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and the unbelievably fluffy Poodle, there are a myriad of potential coat colors a Cavapoo could be born with – not just white, but also cream, chestnut, chocolate, and gold.

They maybe have fur that’s just a curly as a full Poodle’s, but wavy fur is quite common, too.

But how much of this downy fluff will come out all over the furniture in your house? Do you need to put covers over everything at certain times of the year, or even force a Cavapoo to live outside for a while?

Well, any dog will shed at least a bit. It’s impossible for a dog not to shed unless they are just completely hairless.

But thankfully, you don’t have to worry too much about a Cavapoo’s shedding, because the Cavapoo actually sheds so little that they are considered to be hypoallergenic.

Of course, this means that you have to brush your Cavapoo’s coat fairly often to help to remove the hair that needs to come out so that your Cavapoo’s coat doesn’t get matted.

But, as long as you brush your Cavapoo’s fur on a regular basis, there’s absolutely nothing tedious about maintaining this coat.

This is one of the reasons why many people who live in apartments adopt Cavapoos – there are so many reasons why apartment living is perfect for a Cavapoo.

Go for a good slicker brush to keep your Cavapoo and your apartment in pristine condition.

Will a Cavapoo Tear up the Furniture?

Are you hesitant about allowing your Cavapoo to spend a lot of time indoors in case they turn your living room into their own personal scratching post?

It’s true that there are countless horror story videos and pictures out there of the messy aftermath of leaving certain breeds of dogs at home alone for a little too long.

Why do dogs do this, and is the Cavapoo one of these breeds likely to leave your home in tassels and tatters?

Well, a Cavapoo is one of the dog breeds that is pretty likely to suffer from a condition called separation anxiety, a tendency that the pooch gets from their loyal, companionship-oriented King Charles Cavalier side.

If left untreated, a Cavapoo with separation anxiety often starts to tear up their toys, furniture, and may scratch at the door all day.

Some dogs suffering from separation anxiety have even shattered glass windows! These dogs are typically destroying things in an attempt to escape to outside.

This behavior can be triggered by changes in an owner’s routine – changes in the times when they leave and enter the home.

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However, being aware of the highly loyal Cavapoo’s tendency to develop separation anxiety, many owners train their Cavapoo from an early age to get used to spending longer and longer periods of time alone.

Lots of Cavapoos love to spend time alone, as long as they are used to it and know what to expect.

So, a safe, warm apartment can be the perfect place for a Cavapoo to thrive, as long as you are aware of the unique, specific challenges the Cavapoo breed can face and as long as you form a routine.

Stair gates will help to restrict your Cavapoo to the safe areas of your home.

Does a Cavapoo Need to be Warm?

As we mentioned earlier, the Cavapoo has a unique coat called a double coat. Not only does a Cavapoo’s double coat only shed very little, but it also keeps them waterproof up to a point and keeps them toasty, too.

You will rarely see a cold Cavapoo. But does this means that a Cavapoo ought to live outside?

Will living in a warm place like an apartment cause your Cavapoo to shed more, and will they find it uncomfortable?

Well, they may have a brilliantly insulating coat, but the Cavapoo is still quite a small dog. Prolonged snowy walks are one thing, but permanently living outdoors for a small dog like a Cavapoo is different. Even the plushest kennel may not be enough to keep them sufficiently warm.

That being said, if you bring your Cavapoo to live inside and your apartment is very warm, don’t be surprised to find your Cavapoo acting like a draught excluder, stretched out with their back touching the front door.

When you take them out for a quick stroll before bed, they might just lie down on the ground for a while, to cool down.

So, no, Cavapoos don’t need much to keep them warm. Their double coat gives them all they need. But, it isn’t dangerous for them to live indoors. They won’t overheat. Plus, they are a companionship breed, so they wouldn’t be happy about being left alone outside.

For company, stimulation, and play, living indoors with you in the apartment, even if extremely warm, is very important for this lapdog breed’s wellbeing.

Why not consider a cooling mat, to keep your Cavapoo comfortable on the warmest days.

Will a Cavapoo Bark if Left Alone?

As mentioned earlier, Cavapoos require early and constant training to be able to get used to being alone without developing symptoms of separation anxiety. Training your Cavapoo to be able to spend time alone takes a lot of work and a lot of time, especially at first.

Even when fully trained, is a Cavapoo likely to bark much if left alone in your apartment?

Yes – this companion dog is quite likely to miss you and start whining and barking almost as soon as you leave the house, even when fully trained. A Cavapoo’s lapdog reflexes are so strong.

So in this way, the lapdog Cavapoo can also be something of a bad apartment dog. But if you are leaving your Cavapoo at home alone for a prolonged period of time, consider leaving them with some interactive treat puzzle toys, to keep them occupied for a long time.

This can be a great way for them to get some exercise, use up some energy, and have their main nutritious meal. You could put their favorite treats in more puzzling places while leaving kibble in easier to access places.

Does a Cavapoo Need many exercises?

One thing we haven’t addressed yet in this blog is the Cavapoo’s exercise requirements – how much do they need, and what kind?

Well, most vets recommend that a fully grown Cavapoo should get from 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day, in two separate sessions. In practice, this is a short walk or two around the block, followed by some indoor or outdoor play. We’ve written more on how long to exercise dogs here.

You could play Frisbee with your Cavapoo, or tug of war. At home, you could play with squeaky toys. But always pay attention to what your Cavapoo is telling you. If they lie down, for example, that’s them done for now.

Living in an apartment with access to a park or other outdoor space nearby, a Cavapoo can easily get this amount of exercise every day.


So, that concludes our debate on whether the Cavapoo is a good apartment dog – as long as they are well-trained and have a good routine, there’s generally no reason why this adaptable breed couldn’t thrive in an apartment.

Do you own a Cavapoo, or are you considering adopting one? Do you agree with our reasoning, or would you say that a Cavapoo should never live in an apartment? Let us know what you think.

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By Michelle McDaid

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