When Will my Cavapoo Calm Down?

When Will my Cavapoo Calm Down?

The Cavapoo is not the most hyper breed in the world, but Cavapoos do love to show off for their favorite people. Cavapoo puppies, especially, can have a ton of energy they need to burn off.

So when can you expect them to just chill out? When will my Cavapoo calm down? This is what we’ll attempt to answer in this post:

What age will my Cavapoo calm down?

Cavapoos are still growing when they are young, they will quiet down around 12 months old. From then on, they will likely be a calm dog that loves nothing more than snuggling up next to their owner on the couch.

As they grow older, they will also get better at reading social cues and will become more confident around new people or animals.

They can be good candidates for first-time dog owners because they are generally calm and easygoing. They can also be trained to walk on a leash easily as long as they are not overexcited or stressed out when the leash is attached to their collar.

Tips for Calming Down a Hyperactive Cavapoo Puppy


Cavapoos are high-energy dogs and will definitely have a higher exercise requirement than more relaxed breeds. That said, it’s important that you don’t overdo it with your dog.

You don’t want him getting injured or over-heating. If you live in a warm or hot climate, be extra careful with your Cavapoo during the warmer months.

You may want to consider taking him for shorter, easier walks during the hottest parts of the day when it’s not as easy for him to cool down. Keep activities short but frequent. Instead of scheduling one long walk or outdoor play session per day, break it up into smaller segments throughout the day.

This will help prevent your dog from getting too exhausted or overheated during the process. Even though Cavapoos are relatively small, they still have high energy levels and need a significant amount of daily exercise to keep them happy, healthy, and out of trouble.

Keep Activities Short but Frequent

Young puppies’ bodies are still growing and developing, so they need more frequent but shorter play and exercise sessions than fully grown dogs.

If you have young children in the house, be careful not to overdo it with your puppy’s exercise and play time. Make sure your puppy has plenty of rest and quiet time when he’s not running around with the kids. Also, keep an eye on your puppy’s diet.

Feeding your puppy too many treats or high-calorie snacks can lead to weight gain. If your puppy becomes overweight, he may develop joint issues later in life. Be sure to read the labels on any treats or chew toys you purchase for your puppy and feed him only as many as he should eat in a day.


As with other breeds, toys can be great for keeping your Cavapoo entertained and out of trouble when you’re not able to supervise him.

Choose toys that are appropriate for his age and chewing level. Avoid toys with small pieces that could break off and become a choking hazard. As your puppy grows, so should his toys. Avoid keeping him with the same toys for too long.

Once he’s outgrown a particular toy, consider donating it to a local shelter or replacing it with a new, more appropriate toy. This will help keep his play sessions fresh and interesting.

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Why does my Cavapoo have so much energy?

Some dog breeds are renowned for being constantly hyper and on the go – the Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier, and Labrador, for example. But is the Cavapoo one of these energetic breeds?

Well no, the Cavapoo does not have an established reputation for being a hyper dog. But this may be partially due to the fact that the Cavapoo is such a young breed that they do not have an established reputation for being anything.

The Cavapoo is quite a loyal dog, though, so a Cavapoo’s owner is their favorite thing in the whole wide world.

If your Cavapoo gets a burst of energy when you come home and starts sprinting around as soon as you come in the door from school or work, this is completely normal.

Or, maybe your Cavapoo spends the morning snuggled up in their basket, seemingly absolutely exhausted, but you come home to the aftermath of cushion carnage, your Cavapoo sitting innocently in the middle of it all.

If your Cavapoo shows that they unexpectedly have a lot of energy in this way, it could be that your Cavapoo simply didn’t have a chance to expend their energy in the morning, even if they acted like they were too tired at the time.

To summarize, if your Cavapoo gets a random energy burst at certain times of the day, either they need to use their energy up or they are excited and want to play with and show off for you, their favorite person.

What is normal behavior from my Cavapoo?

The Cavapoo is fiercely loyal. The breed gets this from their King Charles Cavalier side. But the Cavapoo can also be pretty agile and may enjoy sprinting around, because of their Poodle side.

But whether your Cavapoo is more of a KC Cavalier or more of a Poodle, thankfully both of these breeds are as obedient as they are loyal, meaning that your Cavapoo should be as well.

So, it should be pretty easy to train your Cavapoo to calm down, even from a very early age.

How old are Is Your Cavapoo?

Is your Cavapoo quite young? If so, hyper behavior is quite normal for them. If they are older, hyper behavior is still quite common when the loyal Cavapoo is excited about meeting new people or they want to show off.

Your Cavapoo should typically calm down by the time they are around two, though.

Should I let a Cavapoo puppy run around?

Isn’t it cute when you come home and your Cavapoo puppy rushes to greet you, sprinting all over the house and jumping up or standing on their hind legs?

And isn’t it adorable to watch your Cavapoo racing after the ball or Frisbee at the park? But I bet that after only a few throws, your Cavapoo puppy is absolutely exhausted and is lying flat on the ground or needs to be dragged home by the lead.

Is this type of hyper behavior dangerous for your Cavapoo? Does it harm them or hurt their development? Or does it actually help them to grow?

Well, it isn’t too risky to let your Cavapoo puppy run around a little bit. But take a look at the surface they are playing on.

If the surface is hard, like concrete, your Cavapoo puppy could easily injure themselves when jumping or skidding.

However, softer surfaces like grass or carpet are perfect for your Cavapoo puppy to play even the roughest games on, as long as you make sure to keep your Cavapoo puppy’s nails short.

Try teaching your Cavapoo puppy commands like “Stop” and “Stay” to control their behavior and slow them down when they are spending time on more dangerous surfaces.

The command “Play dead” is particularly impressive to use when your Cavapoo puppy is in full mid-sprint.

So in this instance, your Cavapoo might naturally calm down a bit with age, but will mainly calm down when you train them to and when you command them to.

Should I neuter my Cavapoo?

Did you know that an unneutered Cavapoo shows a slightly greater tendency towards hyperactivity, as well as aggression? It is also the law in many places to have your dog neutered by the time they reach a certain age.

Also, many owners find that their Cavapoo calms down significantly after they get neutered. However, be aware that this is not a quick fix.

You are not going to see an immediate improvement in your Cavapoo’s behavior right after neutering them.

In fact, you may not see any improvement in your Cavapoo’s behavior after getting them neutered for several months or even years!

On top of this, having your Cavapoo neutered typically actually causes them to behave in an even more hyperactive or aggressive manner for a while just after they are neutered, due to your Cavapoo’s testosterone levels now have become unbalanced. They will remain like this for quite some time, too.

But in general, in the long term, neutering your Cavapoo is a great way to calm them down.

Is my Cavapoo too excited?

There are countless videos out there, on social media and also across the internet, of incredibly excited dogs who have just been told they are about to go for a walk, for example.

They are ecstatic about it, sprinting up and down the room and jumping up and down on their owner.

Being excited about going on a walk seems to be common enough behavior across all the breeds of dogs, but the Cavapoo is definitely one of the breeds that gets the most excited about things like this.

Why does a Cavapoo do this? Is it normal? Can it be dangerous for them?

Well, though it is cute to see your Cavapoo jumping around in anticipation of going for a walk or doing their tricks, your loyal Cavapoo is likely only doing this to show off for you.

But if your Cavapoo jumps up or starts to run around at too high a speed when you show them their lead, there is a big risk of them getting injured.

So what should you do about this? Should you prevent your Cavapoo from getting this excited for walk or treat?

Yes, you should definitely limit your Cavapoo’s exertion when you are worried it could be hazardous to them.

If your Cavapoo is doing tricks for you, do praise them, but don’t act excessively excited.

Do not ignore them, however, or they may become frustrated while trying to get your attention, and will be more likely to overexert themselves.

So, sometimes your Cavapoo may act excited, as a natural show-off. If this is the case, you could try to make it seem like acting calm is a trick, too, training them to calm down for the long term.

How can I tire out my Cavapoo?

Does your Cavapoo have the energy to burn that sorely needs to be used up?

Do they settle down on the sofa beside you in the evenings, or do they bring you toy after toy, laying each one at your feet until you get hardly get up? Do they sleep peacefully at night, or do they remain alert, finding lots of things to bark at?

If this is the case, you may have to find a good way to tire your Cavapoo out, so that they are sufficiently relaxed at the times you want them to be.

Try taking your Cavapoo for a long walk before bed. Or, you could play fetch with your Cavapoo. Certain puzzle toys may also help with tiring your Cavapoo out, as long as any treats used do not make them too hyper.

A tired Cavapoo is definitely a calm Cavapoo. I hope some of these methods work for you.

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By Michelle McDaid

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