Can a Labradoodle be a guard dog?

Can a Labradoodle be a guard dog

The Labradoodle is a breed that has become incredibly popular in recent years. It is now found being bred all over the globe. The Labradoodle breed is hardworking and is somewhat suited to a variety of roles, like being a guide dog, circus dog, or just a very playful family dog. But can a Labradoodle be a guard dog? Let’s take a look at this:

So, is a Labradoodle a Good Guard Dog?

Well, both the Labrador and Poodle are okay domestic guard dogs who will protect their owners loyally and diligently, albeit in a more friendly and peaceful way than other breeds.

So you’d think that the Labradoodle would inherently make an amazing guard dog, right?

It’s true that the Labradoodle is generally a dog who can relax at your feet well,  while also being constantly alert, ready to leap up and play or walk with you or bark at a noise they hear. They’re typically a good family dog too, with the Labrador’s friendliness and the Poodle’s playfulness.

But remember how this crossbreed was only first created in 1989? This is pretty recent.

Because of this, there is no consistency yet in the traits that a Labradoodle has – even if you breed non-shedding Labradoodles, don’t be surprised if you discover that their offspring all shed.

Or, if you breed more alert Labradoodles who are great guard dogs, it isn’t unusual to get more friendly puppies who are completely unsuitable to work as guard dogs.

So, Labradoodles with the right traits to make good guard dogs are out there, but it is still difficult to deliberately breed suitable Labradoodle guard dogs.

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What is a Labradoodle?

First of all, what is a Labradoodle? Which breeds make up the Labradoodle? Well, as you might have already guessed from the name, a Labradoodle is a Labrador cross-bred with a Poodle.

This results in a dog with all the advantages of the docile, friendly, and obedient Labrador’s personality and builds, as well as all the perks of a Poodle’s hypoallergenic and fluffy coat.

Why was the Labradoodle bred?

Ever wondered what the purpose was for first breeding the Labradoodle?

Well, in 1989, Wally Conron, the breeding manager for the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia was requested by a woman in Hawaii to create a breed that could be used as a guide dog while also being hypoallergenic, because the woman’s husband was allergic to dogs.

Is a Poodle a Good Guard Dog?

Isn’t the Poodle an impressive, unique-looking dog? The breed has a one-of-a-kind coat with that distinctive cut.

They aren’t necessarily the luxurious dogs that they look like, though – the Poodle was originally bred to work. In the past, the Poodle has hunted duck and has also been used to sniff out woodland truffles.

But one of the things the Poodle is most well known for is being a circus dog who was eager to wear costumes and balance a ball on their nose to please their master.

And today, the Poodle still loves to spend time with their family, being taught the same astounding circus-like tricks with ease, to wow your friends and neighbors.

So is a poodle a good guard dog? Yes, they are a protective breed of dog who will diligently bark a couple of times when a strange person is approaching your house.

And, their brilliant coat will help them keep warm if they’re spending a long amount of time outside. The Poodle is a highly intelligent dog too, who will easily take to any role they are trained to carry out.

The Poodle will do anything to impress you. But they do still love to spend time with their family, at least for a little while each day.

In general, the Poodle is an intelligent fluffball of a dog who would love to impress their owner by being a successful domestic guard dog – or at least a doorbell – as long as they are trained towards this from very young.

But take this playful clown off duty for a while every day to let them do what they do best – show off their best tricks to their favorite people while playing.

Is a Labrador a Good Guard Dog?

Did you know that most guide dogs are Labradors? However, the breeds of Golden Retriever and German Shepherd are also known to make great guide dogs.

Some guide dogs are actually Golden Retrievers crossed with Labradors and Labrador and German Shepherd crossbreeds, too. And the German Shepherd has notoriously served as a good guide dog.

But just because the German Shepherd is a breed that makes a good guard dog doesn’t mean that the Labrador necessarily is.

The Labrador is a highly friendly dog. Originally bred to be a companion to the fishermen of Newfoundland, this is no surprise. They also listen well to human command, part of the reason that they make such a great guide dog.

As a family dog, the Labrador is easily the most popular breed. The Labrador dog is fiercely loyal and loves spending time with their family.

If left outside alone, a Labrador can easily get lonely. If they are lonely and stressed, a Labrador may then start to chew up things in your garden.

So does a Labrador make a good guard dog? It’s true that they are pretty likely to bark at any unusual or dubious activity in your yard, but they are just as likely to start playing with and quietly accompany any potential thief to their vehicle.

As well as this, being left alone for a long period of time like this would probably stress out a Labrador too much for them to make much of a successful guard dog – they would sooner relax in the house with their family.


With their weatherproof coat and hardworking yet playful and friendly attitude, some Labradoodles are definitely highly suited to making a good guard dog with the proper training, while others will just make friends with a burglar.

But with the right development of the breed, in coming years the young Labradoodle breed will go far as an amazing guard dog with highly honed, consistent skills and traits that have been passed down through generations.

By Michelle McDaid

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