Can A Cockapoo Sleep Outside – And Is It Safe?

Can A Cockapoo Sleep Outside?

Plenty of owners like to keep their dog outside all day long, while others just send their dog outside to sleep.

This suits many breeds of a dog perfectly well, while other dogs find outdoor conditions too cold or otherwise harsh and unsuitable. So can a Cockapoo sleep outside? Let’s take a look at this:

Won’t a Cockapoo Be Cold Outside?

Did you know that the Cockapoo is considered by many to be a hypoallergenic breed? This is because a Cockapoo sheds very little – they pretty much don’t shed at all!

This means that they have a weatherproof coat that requires regular brushing and grooming to keep it in it’s fabulous, iconic condition.

They mainly get this unique coat from their Poodle half – after all, many say that the Poodle was originally bred as a “water dog” who retrieved birds like ducks for hunters.

But since the Cockapoo was partially bred from a dog who was probably originally bred to swim often, it’s no surprise that this well-insulating coat easily keeps a Cockapoo as toasty as they need to be – they are absolute polar bears.

Because of this, a Cockapoo can actually find it quite uncomfortable to spend much time indoors in a heated house. Therefore, even the most pampered Cockapoos typically do prefer to sleep outdoors, in a safe soft kennel.

Does Your Cockapoo Have Allergies?

Allergies are not too common in Cockapoos, but they are not unheard of. A Cockapoo having an allergy to a certain substance in their dog food is quite common.

But, contact allergies are one you’ve got to watch out for. If your Cockapoo has a contact allergy to their bed or other furniture in the house, sending your Cockapoo to sleep outside is a good idea.

However, another type of allergy you need to watch for is inhalant allergies. This could easily be caused by a substance inside your house, like dust.

However, pollen and grass are also common triggers for an inhalant allergy, prompting you to bring your Cockapoo to sleep inside, instead, if this affects them.

Think About Your Cockapoo’s Nature

The Cockapoo is not typically a dog who barks a lot or who is easily alarmed bypassing noises – good news if you’re considering leaving them in a garden overnight.

They are not usually easily scared by fireworks or your neighbors. The Cockapoo is not much of a guard dog, so they should be quiet enough overnight.

But you’re probably already aware that the Cockapoo is often a major family dog – it is common for a dog of this breed to suffer from separation anxiety if the dog is without company for a very long time.

Therefore, if you leave your Cockapoo outside overnight, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear them whining, barking, or scratching at the door to get in, instead.

That being said, every dog is an individual. There are some behaviors that the Cockapoo is known to commonly exhibit, but you won’t find every Cockapoo acting in this way.

If you are lucky enough to have adopted this cuddly and intelligent fluffball of a dog, you’ll probably start to pick up on their personality and preferences.

Is Your Cockapoo Safe Outside?

The Cockapoo is quite a popular breed. This is due, in part, to the Cockapoo breed’s status as a designer dog, bred since the 1960s.

But, the Cockapoo’s hypoallergenic coat and loving, clownish nature also help to make it one of the most popular dogs.

However, this popularity has led to a number of Cockapoo dogs being stolen to order.

So, a Cockapoo can sleep outside. But they must be kept safe. You may need to lock your Cockapoo’s kennel, secure the fence of your yard, fit a lock on your gate, or even consider motion-activated lighting if you want your Cockapoo to sleep outside safely.

Use whatever means you think are appropriate for your area to keep your pooch safe.

Will Your Cockapoo Get Bored Sleeping Outside?

Are you planning on keeping your Cockapoo outside all the time, or just at night? The Cockapoo is one of the most loving dog breeds out there.

The Cockapoo also really loves to spend time with their family and were actually originally bred as companionship dogs.

Cockapoos are also highly intelligent and require a certain level of intellectual stimulation every day.

Without this, your Cockapoo will quickly become destructive – tearing up the garden, chewing up all their toys, and barking at any motion they sense while also pacing the garden and trying to escape.

Because of this, you can’t really leave your Cockapoo to sleep and lie about outside all day long.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a Cockapoo spending most of their time outdoors –  it is more comfortable for them, after all. It is what they were meant to do.

But your Cockapoo still needs to walk regularly and played with. Your Cockapoo requires the socialization and stimulation they get from barking at and playing with other dogs and sniffing around in the grass and plants while out on a walk.

As previously mentioned, the Cockapoo was bred for companionship and loves to be with their family, too.

So, whether indoors or outdoors, lots of active play – fetch, tug of war, and games that involve sniffing out treats – will help to keep your Cockapoo entertained and will help them to get tired out enough before night.

What Kind of Bed Does a Cockapoo Need to Sleep Outside?

So, if your Cockapoo really does prefer to sleep outside and it is safe for them to do so, that’s great! But, they will need some protection from night-time insects and cooler night temperatures, especially in the wind and snow of winter.

A large and sturdy wooden kennel that provides good shelter from rain or snow is a must for a Cockapoo who sleeps outside. The kennel you choose also needs some basic soft bedding – if the kennel comes with this built-in, that’s a major bonus.

Your Cockapoo will likely need to exit at some point in the night sometimes though, so there’s no need to go for a lockable kennel. Don’t worry too much about insulation either, because a Cockapoo already has its own insulation.


In conclusion, as long as they are old enough to regulate their own body temperature and they have a fully developed coat, yes, a Cockapoo can sleep outside.

And they should if they enjoy it and it is safe and warm enough outside.

By Michelle McDaid

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