What dog breeds get along with Jack Russells?

What dog breeds get along with Jack Russells?

If you have to leave your Jack Russell at home alone when you’re at work or school all day, you’ve probably thought about a doggy sibling for your Jack.

But, if your Jack Russell is anything like mine, you probably wonder how well they’d get along with other dogs.

Jacks aren’t aggressive, but their tendency to get a little yappy towards other breeds does make you apprehensive about how they’d be with another pooch in the house full-time.

That said, it can and has been done! There are plenty of breeds your Russell may get along with surprisingly well! So, what dog breeds get along with Jack Russells? Let’s explore this:

Do Jack Russells do well with other dogs?

Jack Russells do get along with other dogs surprisingly well, for a terrier, off the leash and in the house.

Dogs who can match a Jack’s energy get along well with a Jack. However, dogs with completely different personalities to the Jack Russell have also been known to make good furry siblings or playmates. 

Jack Russells are renowned for hating all other dogs who aren’t other Terriers and barking at them on the leash.

But, if your Jack Russell is good enough to let off the leash at the park, you’ve probably noticed that Jacks can get along with other dogs of all shapes and sizes surprisingly well! 


Labradors dogs training buster

Though these dogs have enough energy to deal with a litter of Jacks, the Labrador also has that chilled-out attitude to teach a Jack Russell a thing or two.

With the Labrador and the Jack Russell terrier equally intelligent pooches, you’ll be able to train a Jack Russell and Labrador simultaneously – if they don’t get too excited!

Even if the Jack Russell Terrier tries to boss the Labrador Retriever around, the Lab won’t mind. Or, if the Jack Russell gets frenetic and starts to bark at and mess with the Labrador, the Labrador will barely notice. So a Jack and a Lab can be the best of friends!



Yes, the dog with the notoriously loud bark makes a perfect pal for the frenetic Jack. Though they are renowned for their seemingly limitless energy, Jack Russells have greater activity needs than a Beagle.

Leave a Jack Russell and Beagle in the yard to tussle and play until one or both are exhausted. Being a similar size, these two hunters should be fine to play with each other. Give these intelligent dogs food puzzles to solve together, or hide their food around the home.

Then, when it’s time to come in, your exhausted Beagle and Jack will love cuddling up with the family, thanks to both breeds’ limitless loyalty.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This little sheepdog makes a brilliant companion for a Jack Russell Terrier. The Pem is a similar size compared to a Jack Russell and has a similar coat.

The Pembroke and Jack are intelligent, easy to train, and playful, with comparable energy requirements. The Corgi has a bigger need to socialize than the Jack Russell, whether people or other dogs.

Despite their tendency to bark, you may find a Pembroke teaches your Jack to be more civilized!

The Pembroke Corgi is also more chilled out than a Jack in the home but definitely needs more activity. So get ready for plenty of walkies!

Miniature Poodles

Miniature Poodles

Still a little bigger than a Jack, despite their Mini size, the Miniature Poodle is notorious for its dense, curly coat and unbelievable intelligence.

Their playfulness is on par with the Jack Russell, making them ideal playmates, while their tendencies to vocalize match, too. 

Despite their large size and high energy requirements, Mini Poodles are more chilled-out in the home than a Jack is, potentially leading to frustration if a Jack Russell still wants to play.

But with the Poodle’s stamina, your Jack should be too tired for this to happen. Just be ready for plenty of brushing!

Border Collies

Border Collies

Quite a bit bigger than a Jack, but with the same boisterous personality, Border Collies make great pals for Jacks.

If you give them a food puzzle to play with together, you might find that your Jack Russell leaves the solving to the slightly more intelligent Collie. However, the sensitive Border Collie might flee when it comes to squeaky toys, noisy kids, cars, or fireworks.

With the Jack Russell’s chasing impulses and the Border Collie’s drive to herd, you might find them planning their great escape together. But they’ll love living together.



Assertive and fiercely loyal, some Chihuahuas are exactly like Jacks. So, if your Jack Russell likes to bark at other pooches in the park or terrorize the mailman, a Chihuahua makes the perfect sidekick!

Famously tiny, Chihuahua dogs are a good bit smaller than the Russell and might need looking out for during a play fight. They may even trigger a Jack’s prey drive.

But, Chihuahuas are also typically able to communicate their wants very well to other dogs. You might need to give the Jack an extra stroll, though.

Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers

This small German guard dog is pretty much identical in size to the Jack Russell Terrier. In temperament, a Schnauz is a little easier to train and is just as protective and alert, with a similar prey drive.

However, as a guard dog, you can expect a mini Schnauzer to spend all day looking out the window, with less need for play.

Being the same size, you can take a Mini Schnauzer for the same walks as your Jack Russell. Just be sure to stop by the park to give the Schnauzer the socialization they love.

Smooth Fox Terriers & other terriers

It may seem that housing a Jack Russell Terrier with another Terrier would be Terrier overload. And sometimes, Jack Russells of the same sex can be aggressive towards each other.

However, two Terriers can make a perfect pair! With all the same nuances and traits, two Terriers can understand each other very well.

They play with each other in the same way and may soon become inseparable. Make sure they don’t try running off together or dominating each other.

Introducing another dog to your Jack Russell household

When you bring another dog to live with your Jack Russell, you should be careful about certain things.

To start with, have them sleep in separate crates in the same room, even if things seem fine between them. If they are spending time together, be sure to supervise them – don’t leave them alone together unattended, whether this is in the living room, yard, or kitchen. Over time, your Jack Russell will come to be best pals with the other dog!

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