When do Jack Russell Terriers Shed?

When does Jack Russell Terriers Shed?

The short answer to the question of when do Jack Russell Terriers shed is, all the time! The double-coated Jack Russell Terrier loses a certain amount of their fur constantly, all year round.

When does the Jack Russell lose the most fur, however, and what can you do to reduce the amount your Jack Russell sheds? As well as this, which options for de-shedding are good? You will get the answers to these questions and more in this article:

What type of coat does a Jack Russell have?

The Jack Russell Terrier can actually have several possible types of coat – a smooth coat, or a broken coat.

Yet despite the rough, wiry, not remotely curly appearance of both these coat types, did you know that the Jack Russell is actually technically considered to have a double coat, just like the Bichon Frise or Border Collie?

Of course, a dog with a double coat typically sheds much less than a dog that only has a single coat. However, all dogs with a double coat, including Jack Russell, do shed to a certain extent.

Unfortunately, the Jack Russell Terrier is one of the worse double-coated dogs for shedding, with the smooth-coated Jack Russell shedding more than the rough-coated version of the JRT.

Does a Jack Russell shed in winter?

In the run-up to winter, a double-coated dog begins to “blow” their coat, during which time, you will find such a dog’s fur everywhere! Is this true of the Jack Russell Terrier also?

Yes, the Jack Russell absolutely begins to shed tons in winter, even if their coat ends up a little different, compared to an Alaskan Malamute’s or a Newfoundland’s, for example.

Even if the amount of fur lost seems excessive, this is perfectly normal for a Jack Russell and is nothing to worry about.

You can help your Jack Russell out during the fall-winter season by brushing them regularly with a brush like a horse’s curry brush. There are various brushes like this out there on the market that are aimed at dog owners.

Some Jack Russell Terrier owners also swear by “brushing” their pooch’s coat with a static electricity cloth, to pick up absolutely all of that extra loose fur, something you could do while bonding with each other on the couch.

Would a Jack Russell cast in summer?

You might think that as the weather begins to warm up, you and your Jack Russell Terrier have now finally put the extreme shedding season behind you. But how true is this really?

Well, unfortunately, when your Jack Russell Terrier’s body senses that winter is through, a period of shedding will begin once again! The shedding that occurs during warmer temperatures is a different type of shedding, however.

In summer, it is actually your Jack Russell Terrier’s winter undercoat that is being shed. This helps to make way for your Jack Russell’s lighter summer coat. This coat will help them to naturally keep cool and to regulate their body temperature throughout the summer months.

Do I need to brush my Jack Russell?

Yes, brushing your Jack Russell Terrier is an excellent way to get rid of all the loose, excess hair on their body, no matter what time of year it is. When your Jack Russell is shedding, though, you will need to brush them far more than usual.

Try using a soft silicone plastic brush to get the loose hairs out of your Jack Russell’s coat more effectively. If your Jack Russell has a rough coat, you may even have to pluck their hair on occasion. However, talk to your vet or groomer to get the best advice on what is right for your specific Jack Russell.

Do I need to give my Jack Russell a bath?

If your Jack Russell has irritated skin due to allergies or fleas, or if they have run off, rolled in something, and gotten dirty, it is totally fine to bathe your Jack Russell.

Do try to keep bathing to a minimum, however, as excessive bathing can begin to dry out a Jack Russell Terrier’s skin, leading to even worse shedding.

For more on this, I have written a post about the best shampoo for Jack Russell’s you can find it here: Best Dog Shampoo For Jack Russells.

Should I shave my Jack Russell?

When your Jack Russell’s shedding gets excessive, you may be tempted to shave their fur. You might think that this is a good way of quickly getting rid of fur that is going to fall out anyway. But is it?

No. Shaving is not appropriate for a Jack Russell Terrier’s coat, especially not as an attempt to control shedding. At best, shaving may interfere with the natural self-cooling mechanism that your Jack Russell Terrier has.

At worst, shaving your Jack Russell Terrier might cause widespread permanent damage to their coat, with the fur growing back abnormally, or sometimes not even growing back at all!

This is because, as we touched upon previously, your Jack Russell has a unique double coat. So, if you attempt to shave your Jack Russell, you will only end up completely removing both sets of hairs.

This means that your Jack Russell’s body will have to grow back both sets of fur, which can lead to developing a coat that’s inappropriate for the current weather.

When should I worry about my Jack Russell’s shedding?

So, as we’ve just looked at, it is completely normal for a Jack Russell to lose quite a lot of fur for most of the year. If this occurred in other dog breeds, their owner would worry! But when should you start to worry about your Jack Russell’s shedding? How do you know when it is a problem?

Well, is your Jack Russell shedding to an extreme extent out of season, like in the height of summer or winter? This would be the first sign that something is wrong. Is the shedding so severe that you notice bald patches on your Jack Russell’s skin? If this is the case, consider contacting your vet about these symptoms.

You should be especially concerned about your Jack Russell’s shedding if you also notice a secondary skin issue, like sores or cuts.

What if my Jack Russell is spayed or neutered?

Some owners believe that after spaying or neutering their Jack Russell, they will shed a lot more, or far less. How true are these myths?

Well, it’s true that just after the spaying or neutering procedure, many owners report a huge blowout of their Jack Russell’s coat, which is likely due to the hormonal changes that occur after spaying and neutering.

However, many owners do report less shedding after their Jack Russell gets neutered. After the procedure, some Jack Russells instead gain a longer, thicker coat, which can be more difficult to maintain.

But, no one knows for sure whether neutering or spaying makes a consistent or substantial difference to a Jack Russell’s shedding and coat. So, don’t let concerns about shedding sway you either towards or against spaying and neutering.

So, when do Jack Russell Terriers shed?

So, all dogs do shed constantly, to some extent. However, it is normal for a Jack Russell to lose a lot of fur year-round. But, Jack Russells shed especially much just before summer and winter.

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