What breed is similar to a Jack Russell?

What breed is similar to a Jack Russell?

Small dogs like the Jack Russell make great companions. Not only are they more convenient to own and care for, but they are cute and easier to cuddle with.

And sure, the Jack Russell is a great option for anyone looking for a small, friendly companion dog to drag them out of the house and later cosy up beside them. So what breeds are similar to a Jack Russell? Let’s take a look at this:

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What breed is similar to a Jack Russell Basenji

I bet you’ve never heard of a Basenji! One of the more unusual and little-known dog breeds, the Basenji is one of 16 basal dog breeds from which other dogs are derived. Basenji came into existence in Central Africa and are much more genetically unique.

Regardless, the Basenji is quite a Jack Russell-like dog. A Basenji is friendly and protective towards family members but distrustful of others. They also have a high prey drive, which means they love chasing smaller animals like a Jack Russell. On top of this, Basenji is strongly independent and challenging to train. Basenji never do anything they don’t want to.

Uniquely, the Basenji is a dog that never barks. Another idiosyncrasy is how they love to stand up on their hind legs.


What breed is similar to a Jack Russell?Chihuahua

These well-known, iconic dogs are a perfect buddy for any Jack. Like a Jack Russell, Chihuahuas need plenty of socialization to prevent them from becoming as yappy as those toy dogs.

Without socialization, Jack Russell and the Chihuahua can bark excessively and distrust strange people like the mail persion. The Chihuahua and Jack Russell are similar sizes and should have fun playing and walking together. Both dogs tend to bond with just one member of the family, too.

Just be sure to take your Chihuahua out of the way when the Jack Russell is being exceptionally playful.

Boston Terrier

What breed is similar to a Jack Russell? Boston Terrier

As a descendant of the bulldogs and terriers that once participated in bloodsport, you’ll probably be surprised at how chilled-out Boston Terriers are!

Companionable people-pleasers, Boston Terriers are easygoing, gentle pooches. Unlike the Jack Russell, Boston terriers are wont to bark unless they have a good reason to do so. However, like Jack Russell, Boston Terriers are highly protective of their favorite people. On top of this, a Boston Terrier can become territorial if you aren’t careful about training and socializing them.


What breed is similar to a Jack Russell? Dachshund

The sausage dog wasn’t just bred to look like a sausage simply. Instead, the Dachshund was bred initially as a hunting dog. Their small size and long shape helps the Dachshund get into other animals’ burrows, allowing them to turn around and get out easily.

If you look at their front paws, they are broader and more muscular. This lets them burrow and dig with greater ease. Dachshunds also have loose skin that minimizes the risk of cuts and injury when digging. Even their floppy ears are designed to prevent debris from entering their ear canals. These protective features work just as well above the ground, too.

The Jack Russell Terrier was first bred as a hunting dog as well. Many Jacks still love to dig. Both dogs have similar activity needs and can go for walks together.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

What breed is similar to a Jack Russell? Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Did you know that there are two main types of Corgi? One is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, supposedly a Flemish dog, while the other is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, a Norse pooch. Pembrokes are probably the more well-known Corgi, thanks to Queen Elizabeth II.

Pembroke Corgis are originally cattle herding dogs, so don’t be surprised if they still nip at your ankles today. Just like the Jack, Pembrokes are independent and stubborn, making them difficult to train. However, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are also just as affectionate, loyal, and cute as a Jack Russell Terrier. Just remember to give both dogs the activity they crave before you prepare to snuggle up for the evening.

Mini Poodle

What breed is similar to a Jack Russell? Mini Poodle

Highly trainable and extremely popular, Poodles and their crosses are everywhere. With an extremely likable personality, it’s no surprise the Poodle is as popular as they are. But if this wasn’t enough, there are Miniature Poodles and Standard and Toy Poodles. A Miniature Poodle is quite similar in size to a Jack Russell but still has the high energy drive of a Poodle. This means a Miniature Poodle and a Jack Russell Terrier can get along quite well.


 What breed is similar to a Jack Russell? Pug

Maybe it seems like an unlikely coupling, but Pugs are surprisingly similar to a Jack Russell. They are cute, with their unique flat face. However, these flat features are also the subject of some concern.

When a Pug is too purebred, their short snout and elongated soft palate can make it very difficult for them to breathe, find out more here, while their bug eyes can become dry or even pop out. Pugs are often bred with other dogs, like the Jack Russell Terrier. Retro Pugs or Jugs are on a mission to introduce healthier physical traits into the Pug breed in the future.

These robust, broad-chested dogs love a good romp around the yard, much like a Jack. As long as they don’t get out of breath, a Pug will love a walk in the park with a Jack Russell.

Rat Terrier

What breed is similar to a Jack Russell? Rat Terrier

No, it’s not just an insult for a Jack – the Rat Terrier is a specific breed recognised by the AKC. Unsurprisingly, the Rat Terrier is a Terrier with a good prey drive and is good at catching rats, much like the Jack. Rat Terriers are good farm dogs but are prone to shrill, Chihuahua-like tipping.

This, in combination with their need for space, means they aren’t a great match for an apartment. Even if you have a yard, keep a watchful eye that your Rat Terrier doesn’t escape over or under your fence – much like the Jack, the Rat Terrier excels at jumping and digging. A typical fence may not cut it. Rat Terriers also have the usual Terrier suspicion towards strangers.

Shiba Inu

What breed is similar to a Jack Russell? Shiba Inu

Yes, the notorious dog of memes is quite similar to a Jack Russell. The breed behind the doge meme and Dogecoin cryptocurrency, the Shiba Inu, is a large, distinctive Japanese spitz dog.

One such peculiarity is the Shiba’s tendency to scream dramatically. This alarming high-pitched scream is a Shiba’s way of letting you know they are excited, displeased, or just bored. Like the Jack Russell, the Shiba Inu will bark when the mailman’s at the door, too.

The Shiba dog also likes to be clean and can be found grooming themselves with their tongue frequently during the day. So, also like a Jack, you don’t need to worry about brushing a Shiba Inu much!

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