Jack Russell vs Dachshund

Jack Russell vs Dachshund

Both being bred to hunt, the Jack Russell and the Dachshund have a lot in common. However, they are both very different dogs, too.

They are both energetic pooches with high prey drives, intelligent and social, but with drastically different bodies, personalities and activity needs. So when it comes to the Jack Russell vs Dachshund, which dog is bigger?

Which dog is best for a first-time dog owner? How much space does the  Dachshund and Jack Russell need, and what special care do they need?

This article will compare the similarities and differences between these two hunters’ companions. So, let’s take a look at what the Jack and the Dachshund have in common and what they don’t:

Are Dachshunds the smartest dog?

Both the Jack Russell and Dachshund are intelligent dogs, although Jack Russell is quite stubborn and can be challenging to teach.

However, equally, the Dachshund needs several repetitions of a command or new trick before getting it down pat. Once you’ve taught your Dachshund something, however, you can be sure they know it for life.

When it comes to motivation, the Dachshund is definitely the more motivated of the two to learn.

They may not understand what you want at first, but a Dachshund will surely do their best to remember what you’re telling them! Whereas, while a Jack Russell might pick up on what you’re telling them more quickly, they will only do it if it suits them.

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Are Jack Russells big dogs?

A standard Jack Russell terrier weighs 11 to 18 pounds or 5 to 8kg. The Jack also has a height of 8 to 15 inches.

This is taller than the average Dachshund, ranging from 8 to 11 inches max. However, with their broad chest and long body, sausage dogs can weigh 16 to 32 pounds or 7 to 15 kg. This technically makes the standard Dachshund the larger of the two dogs.

Are Dachshunds easier to groom?

Both the Jack Russell and the Dashie have straight coats. That said, the Jack Russell terrier sheds much more than the Dachshund. Still, both coats are short and don’t get tangled, meaning they both require just a weekly brush.

Do bear in mind that the Dachshund has a much oilier coat, though, and needs a wash every 3 or 4 weeks. Wash a Dachshund in your shower to avoid injuring their spine, or take them to a groomer!

A Jack still needs baths too, but less frequently – more like 4 to 6 weeks.

Are Jack Russells playful?

Compared to the Dachshund, yes – the Jack Russell is a more active and playful breed. They are always up to run after a ball or play tug of war.

The stubborn Jack may not always want to give the ball back, though! The Jack Russell Terrier and the Dachshund are equally likely to bite you if they get excited during play, too, but neither dog has much bite force.

Just be careful that a Dachshund doesn’t injure their back during play, and work hard on both dogs’ recall so they don’t wander off at the park.

Are Dachshunds more sociable?

When you think about the occasional stubbornness and over-the-top playfulness, you might conclude that Dachshunds are the more social dog overall.

However, the Jack Russell has similar social needs. They may be protective and guard you against other dogs, barking and snapping, but the Jack Russell generally gets along well with humans and other dogs of a similar size once indoors and off the leash.

The Dachshund is similarly protective but is more of a guard dog. Neither dog really likes other dogs too much.

Do Jack Russells bite or chase?

Under normal circumstances, the Jack is unlikely to bite a human. However, as we mentioned earlier, Jack Russells sometimes bite during play, like when you are holding a ball, tug toy, or treat, and bite other dogs when they are trying to protect you. The Dachshund is much the same.

Due to their past as hunting dogs, the Dachshund and the Jack Russell also have a powerful tendency to chase small animals.

This includes rabbits, birds, and squirrels at the park. This includes your neighbor’s cat, a child’s pet hamster, or gerbil!

These dogs are unlikely to stop, even if you call them. A Dachshund or Jack Russell may even escape your yard fence in their attempts to get at animals – the Dachs under, the Jack, over. You’ll need to build a fortress to contain them!

Do Dachshunds like children?

Nope. Dachshunds will tolerate being petted or pampered by a child, maybe. But their long body means they cannot take the slightest rough handling from a child.

The Jack Russell is more child-friendly, bred initially as a companion as well as a hunter. Ensure you meet both dogs’ energy requirements first to keep them calm and chilled.

Do Jack Russells have a better temperament?

Indeed, Jack Russells are partially bred as companion dogs rather than purely as hunting dogs like the Dachshund.

However, the Dachshund and Jack Russell terrier are neck and neck in terms of love for their owner. They’re also similar in their dislike for other dogs, their stubbornness, and their great need for plenty of activity!

The Jack Russell is a cheerful, fun, and playful dog but is a little more independent than the Dachshund. In contrast, the Dachshund is quite prone to separation anxiety.

Both dogs have a big tendency to bark, especially when playing or there is someone at the door. But all in all, the Jack Russell and Dachshund are both ideal dogs for beginner owners.

Are Dachshunds affectionate?

Oh yes. The Dachshund is soft, gentle, and very loving towards their owners. Their loyalty is unrivalled. The same is true of the Jack Russell. Their devotion and protectiveness mean that both pooches make good guard dogs, though the Jack is a better option.

The Dachshund is so social that they hate being left alone, and they do best when a family member is at home with them. Sausage dogs are perfect for apartments and small houses and are true lapdogs, even if they need a ramp to get up there!

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