Jack Russell vs miniature Jack Russell

Jack Russell vs miniature Jack Russell

This small white hunting dog is a favorite among everyone. With a playful and cheeky personality, but equally a people-pleaser who loves to show off tricks – albeit on their own terms – Jack Russells are adorable, no matter their size. 

First bred to hunt foxes, but now excelling in everything from Hollywood, assistance, and just as a companion, it’s clear that this idiosyncratic breed’s small size contributes to their popularity.

So, when it comes to comparing Jack Russell vs miniature Jack Russell, what’s the difference?

What size can you expect from each breed? Is the miniature Jack Russell a separate breed from the Jack Russell? How big can they get? Let’s compare both breeds:

What is the difference between a Jack Russell and a miniature Jack Russell?

Basically speaking, there is no real difference between a standard Jack Russell and a miniature one. A miniature Jack Russell is just a purebred Jack Russell, but simply one that stands at under 10 inches tall and weighs less than 10 pounds. 

A full-size Jack Russell still varies significantly in their adult size, even after all these years of finessing the breed. Nonetheless, you can expect a typical adult Jack Russell to stand at 10 to 15 inches and to weigh from 13 to 17 pounds. 

There are also Shorty Jacks – Jack Russells who stand at around 10 or 12 inches but are longer than they are tall. These Jack Russell Terriers look like Dachshunds or Corgis.

The miniature Jack Russell is considered a separate breed from the standard Jack Russell and the Shorty Jack breed. However, the Miniature Jack Russell is not yet recognised by any kennel clubs.

How big does a miniature Jack Russell grow?

How big does a miniature Jack Russell grow?

Not being recognised by any kennel clubs as a separate dog, there is no breed standard for the Minature Jack Russell’s size.

There is also very little information available about the breed. Nonetheless, 10 inches seems to be a miniature Jack Russell’s maximum adult height, with their weight at less than 10 pounds.

Are miniature Jack Russells good pets?

With their playful and fun-loving personality, as well as their limitless energy but small size, all Jack Russells make good pets for most living situations. If you live in the countryside, your Jack Russell will love running around.

Equally, if you live in urban areas, your Jack will adore sprinting through the streets before cuddling up with you on the couch. But a Miniature Jack Russell is ideal if you’re especially short on space or don’t have time for long walks and play sessions.

What is the smallest breed of Jack Russell?

Standing at just 10 inches and weighing under 10 pounds, the Miniature Jack Russell breed has to be the smallest. These Jacks are so small, they’re on par with the Chihuahua!

But of course, the Mini Jack Russell is not a recognised breed. So instead, when it comes to the smallest recognised breed of Jack Russell, the Shorty Jack takes this place.

What makes a miniature Jack Russell?

Not being a recognised dog breed, there is nothing that sets a Miniature Jack Russell apart from the standard Jack Russell or the shorty Jack. There is no breed standard for the Miniature Jack Russell.

Instead, the main factor would have to be the fact that they’re shorter and weigh less than the typical Jack Russell’s breed standard. The regular Jack Russell has a height of anywhere from 10 to 15 inches.

So, any Jack Russell standing at less than 10 inches could be said to be a miniature Jack Russell. 

What is the lifespan of a miniature Jack Russell?

You often notice news stories about unscrupulous breeders breeding “mini”, “dwarf”, or “teacup” puppies with significant health issues and short life spans. But how true is this when it comes to miniature Jack Russells?

Like the standard Jack Russell, mini Jacks can live for 13 to 16 years! This life span is on par with other small breed dogs with equally long life spans. For example, some Chihuahuas have been known to live for up to 20 years, while some Dachshunds have lived 16 years.

Jack Russells are a generally healthy and hardy breed, without many potential life-limiting conditions affecting the breed.

Do miniature Jack Russells shed?

All dogs shed a certain extent, though some do more than others. Some dogs can lose their entire undercoat to keep cool at certain times of the year! So, where do miniature Jack Russells rank on this scale?

Yes, just like the standard Jack Russell, miniature Jack Russells lose a certain amount of hair. Their short fur will definitely fall out year-round if your mini Jack is a smooth or rough-coated pooch.

To prevent excessive shedding, try not to bathe your mini Jack Russell too often (tough if they like to roll in things!) and consider giving them oily foods for their coat health.

Give them a good brush at least every week with a basic bristle brush, and you’ll see the fur flying off.

Why are some Jack Russells small?

We think of Jack Russells as a small breed anyway. Indeed, most Jack Russells are pretty small. However, some Jack Russells are smaller still, while others are significantly larger than average. Why is this?

Well, it turns out that when breeders were initially producing the Jack Russell breed, a wide variety of dogs were used in the breed’s creation.

On top of this, the Jack Russell breed then branched off into several different sub-breeds to be used for several different purposes.

The primary first Jack Russell breed was produced to hunt foxes. However, ever since Parson John Russell created his first dog, other people have had different opinions on what the Jack Russell dog should be like.

There’s the classic Jack Russell Terrier breed, the Parson Jack Russell, the Shorty Jack Russell, the English Jack Russell, and many more. This list is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Jack variations!

What are the different types of Jack Russell?

Okay, so there are quite a few Jack Russell types. But the main three are the Jack Russell Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, and Russell Terrier.

Both the Parson Russell and the Jack were bred independently in England. These two dogs were fox hunters. The Jack Russell Terrier and Parson Russell Terrier both come from one of  Reverend John Russell’s original sires.

These dogs are fast enough to run alongside larger fox terriers. Both Jack Russells can also go underground to drive animals out from their dens. It’s the Jack Russell variety, however, that has the shorter legs of the two.

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