10 Surprising Ways Jack Russells Show Love Towards You

10 Surprising Ways Jack Russells Show Love Towards You

We all know that the Jack Russell is a unique, distinctive breed. This is why we love them! So, did you know that the Jack Russell has equally unique ways of expressing their love to you?

Whining, staring, following, jealousy, jumping up and even cuddling – all of these are signs that your Jack Russell loves you deeply. Does your Jack Russell do any of these things? Of course, there are also some more surprising ways your Jack Russell may show you love.

What are these things? Let’s take a look at 10 surprising ways Jack Russells shows love towards you:

Your Jack Russell jumps up on you

Is your Jack Russell constantly running over and jumping up on you? You might think this is unruly or rude, and you might be trying to break them of the habit. Indeed, it can be dangerous for your Jack Russell to jump up on people.

But have you ever considered that your Jack Russell jumping up on you could be a hidden sign of their affection? Jack Russells typically only jump when they are feeling excited or playful.

So, jumping up is one way a Jack Russell might show their love, too. They may even roll over afterwards.

So, the next time your Jack jumps on you, why not take a minute to give them a belly scratch?

Your Jack Russell checks on you

Despite their playful, boisterous nature, Jack Russells can also be serious and playful pooches. If you’re tidying around the house or chilling out watching TV, does your Jack Russell ever randomly get up from where they’re lying to come to check on you?

Maybe your Jack Russell follows you around the home?  This is your Jack Russell checking that they’re still welcome around you and you’re okay. When your Jack Russell spots you, they wag their tail rapidly.

Maybe sometimes you wish your Jack Russell wasn’t quite so hot on your heels. Perhaps they lie down on your freshly folded laundry, or you trip over them while cooking. But this is a way your Jack shows love!

Your Jack lets you rub their belly

Only the best get to see a Jack Russell’s belly! A sign of submission, it’s not every day that a Jack rolls over. But, if your Jack Russell loves you a lot, they’ll roll over for a belly rub right away.

Jack Russells can be one of the most affectionate and friendly breeds, but only for the right people. So, if your Jack Russell rolls over for you, rest assured they think you’re the top dog!

Your Jack Russell licks you

We get it – dogs can lick some pretty gross things. So, it’s not surprising if you are hesitant to let your Jack Russell lick your hands or face. However, you should cherish it if they do, because a Jack Russell only licks people attached to them.

So, when your Jack Russell licks you, this is a real sign of affection.

Your Jack Russell Terrier listens to what you say

No Jack Russell fan doubts this dog’s intelligence. Jack Russells were originally hunting dogs who had to use their wits to keep track of their prey and listen keenly to their handlers’ commands.

Today, Jack Russells still love to make their favorite people happy. Jacks use their honed listening skills to understand what you’re saying more quickly than another breed would and learn their tricks and commands.

They may not always do as you say and may not always fully understand what you tell them, but your Jack Russell will always listen as well as they can to your voice and tone. Some Jacks even respond!

Your Jack Russell snuggles with you

With their thin white coat, Jack Russells love to keep warm. So, many spend all day chasing sunbeams across the room, even at the expense of comfort.

And yet, despite their people-loving nature, a Jack Russell won’t just snuggle down in the lap of anyone. Only a Jack Russell’s favorite person makes a fitting throne for this cuddle monster.

Your Jack Russell may not just jump up into your lap. Instead, they’ll ask permission by licking or sniffing your hand or scratching your leg until you notice them.

Your Jack Russell stares at you

It’s common for a Jack Russell to stare at their owner, especially when talking to them. So, if your Jack Russell stares at you even when you aren’t talking to them, we think this is your Jack expressing how much they love you.

But, of course, it may also be that they want some of your snacks or are asking for a walk!

Your Jack follows you around

A Jack Russell who loves its owner wants to always be with them. Such a Jack Russell will do anything they can to make this possible.

This includes following you around the house and into the yard, sitting quietly, and staring at you until they get your attention. They may want to come with you out the door, too.

So when you’re taking a break with your chores around the house, why not show your Jack Russell some love back and have a quick game of fetch or tug?

Your Jack Russell whines when left alone

The Jack Russell is a fiercely loyal dog who would love nothing more than to spend all its time with its owner.

As a result, many Jack Russells hate to spend time alone. Leave your Jack in the kitchen while you go into the bedroom, and you may hear them whining, barking, or even howling.

Try going to the bathroom alone, and you can expect to hear frantic scratching on the other side of the door pretty soon. When your Jack is crazy about you, they’ll want to accompany you around the house.

Your Jack Russell is jealous of other people

When you greet other people at the door or hug someone, does your Jack Russell jump up and try to join in?

Do they bark when you’re talking to someone else? When your Jack Russell really loves you, you might find that they get in the way when you interact with other people. This is because they want your undivided attention!

It’s typical enough for a Jack Russell to be jealous of its owners’ relationship with other people. So when they get in the way, this is your Jack’s way of showing how much they love you.

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