How much do Jug dogs cost in the USA?

This Jack Russell-Pug cross is a sought-after breed. With their conveniently small size and limitless energy, it’s not hard to see why many people love the Jug. But has this driven up demand for them? How much are Jug dogs in the US, anyway? And what factors make up the price of a puppy? Let’s find out more:

How much do Jug dogs cost in the USA

What should I expect of a good Jug breeder?

First of all, a good breeder should allow you to see the puppies with their mother, or even both parents. The litter should be living in warm, hygienic conditions, in a big box or basket, and plenty of blankets and bedding.

A good Jug breeder will have already begun socializing their litter correctly, getting them used to all the sights, smells, and sounds they will encounter in their day-to-day adult life.

On top of this, your Jug’s breeder should also have access to medical information for both canine parents. Though crossbreeds are generally healthy, your breeder should have taken both dogs to the vet to get health clearances before breeding them and should be able to show you papers on the dogs’ health backgrounds.

Your breeder should be able to answer all questions you have, however many you have. They should also be willing to stay in touch with you by offering you their phone number or email address. Above all, your Jug’s breeder should have a good relationship with the dogs, play with them, teach them their names, and care about them.

An excellent breeder will send you home together with a toy or blanket that smells of the Jugs’ mother. They should never give you a puppy who is too young.

What makes up the price of my Jug?

Though Jugs are hardly a pampered, posh Poodle or German Shepherd of the highest possible quality, there are still a few expenses associated with breeding and caring for Jug puppies in the US. You can expect to see these expenses reflected in your Jug’s price.

Before your Jug puppy was born, both their parents would have needed their health clearances. These are typically $150 each, at most. Your breeder will want to recoup some of this cost in the price of your puppy.

One expense involved in caring for Jug puppies is veterinary visits. It’s not surprising that many breeders take their pregnant Jug mother for an ultrasound or two. During the birth, a breeder may need to phone their vet— if they don’t end up bringing their dog in.

In the US, a dog’s ultrasound can cost anywhere from $300 to $600, though a small dog like the Jug will generally be on the lower end of the scale. Any emergency surgery could set your breeder back $800 to $1500!

Some breeders do work out better deals with the vet. You could take your Jug vaccinations after adopting them. But depending on your Jug’s lifestyle, vaccinations are going to cost around $75 to $100.

When your Jug gets older, they’ll need spaying or neutered—this ranges from $200 to $800. If you go for heartworm prevention, it’ll be $24 to $120. And microchipping is $40.

Some breeders take their puppies to training classes. These classes are a great way to get your Jug puppy socialized. Obedience training and puppy training is top-rated in many parts of the US. Group training is typically $30 to $50 a class, while private classes are $45 to $120. Your breeder may train the Jug litter at home, but this should factor in the price.

Another part of your Jug pup’s price is the cost of feeding them. The average dog food price is anywhere from $20 to $60 a month. Your breeder should tell you what food your Jug is currently on and may give you a bag of it when you bring your Jug home.

What other expenses can I expect?

When you bring your Jug puppy home, you’ll need some bits and pieces for them. Their feed, treats, bowls, training pads, harness, leash, collar, bedding, crate and toys; it all soon adds up!

We mentioned earlier how your Jug’s food could cost anywhere from $20 to $60 a month. On top of this, a bag of 50 chews – imperative for a teething Jug puppy – totals $40.

Then, if you’re using them, a pack of your Jug’s puppy pads would be around $10. A good harness for your flat-faced Jug could be $40, with your preferred leash at a similar price. A set of bowls should be $20, though this gravity refill bowl, perfect for constantly keeping your Jug cool, is $26.99.

A small bed for your Jug is about $15, even if they prefer to cuddle up with you. And if you want to crate train your Jug, expect to pay $40 for one.

A good set of long-lasting chew toys for your teething Jug puppy, like this bundle from Nylabone, costs $10 to $20.

Are pedigree Jugs healthy?

Supposedly, being a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier and Pug means that the Jug is a robust, healthy dog. How true is this?

Well, since your Jug puppy’s parents would have had their health clearances before being bred, your Jug puppy should be pretty healthy.

When a dog is purebred, they are more prone to inheriting a range of breed-specific health problems. The Pug, for example, is prone to developing breathing disorders, as well as craniofacial problems. At the same time, the Jack Russell Terrier is prone to deafness and lens luxation. However, being a crossbreed, the Jug is less likely to inherit these conditions.

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