When do Jug dogs stop growing?

A dog that may fit in their namesake object as a puppy, the Jug crossbreed is certainly tiny. But will your Jug stay pint-sized? How much do Jug dogs grow?

How big is the average Jug in their adulthood? When do Jug dogs stop growing? How will your Jug look when they’re fully grown? How do you best take care of this small dog? Do you need to take any special precautions with the Jug? If you’re ready to explore all things Jug, read on to find out everything you need about this curly-tailed, boisterous little breed!

When do Jug dogs stop growing

How big does a Jug get?

Jugs typically grow to somewhere between 10 and 14 inches, reaching a weight of anywhere between 10 to 18 pounds. To get the best prediction of your Jug’s adult size, meet both your Jug’s parents or ask your breeder about them – they’re unlikely to get bigger than either of them. Your Jug’s size will also vary based on how much JRT and Pug is in their blood.

Regardless of how much they will grow, your Jug should do most of their growing between being 2 to 7 months old. So, it’s crucial to feed them good quality, specialized puppy food during this time, in order for them to grow up healthy.

Are Jugs a good dog?

This friendly pooch is loving and courageous. While some Jugs inherit the Jack Russell Terrier’s high prey drive and hunting ability, in general, Jugs are a chilled-out, playful, and outgoing little dogs. Their personality, coupled with their small size, means Jugs are perfect for both apartment living, as well as more energetic lifestyles.

They can be vocal and alert, with the Jack Russell’s “small dog syndrome”, a tendency to dig, and a domineering personality. Some Jugs inherit the Pug’s jealousy towards other dogs or children, too, which can take some training. But Jugs are in general a great all-round dog for most people.

How much exercise does a Jug dog need?

Their diminutive size means that the Jug needs just a 45 minute walk each day as their bare minimum exercise requirements. This is as simple as a quick daily jaunt or two around the block.

That being said, Jugs typically love playing too. Jugs have an unrivalled tug-of-war grip, and a tireless ability to fetch their favorite tennis ball. Plus, if your Jug has the Jack Russell’s prey drive, they’ll enjoy chasing remote control toys, squirrels, and everything in-between!

Mental exercise is also important for your Jug. Every now and then, it’s nice to unwind with a puzzle like a Sudoku or Crossword, right? It’s no different for your Jug.

Okay, so your pooch can’t exactly write. But your Jug can solve food puzzles! Stimulate your Jug’s brain by hiding their kibble around your home. This could be underneath cushions, along a low shelf, or simply scattered on the floor. The possibilities are endless!

Alternatively, a less messy alternative is to invest in a good food puzzle toy or two. These durable, robust toys are a real challenge for your Jug’s brain.

Puzzle toys can keep a pooch happily occupied for hours! Toys like the Kong let your Jug lick out soft foods like cream cheese, unsweetened peanut butter, or wet food. Did you know licking also helps your Jug to relax? You can even freeze these toys for longer-lasting fun.

Harder puzzle toys like the Nina Ottoson by Outward Hound range are another tricky option. These toys have loads of sliders and twisters for your Jug to nudge with their paw or snout until they unlock the dry kibble or treats hidden underneath. They can be tough, but are incredibly rewarding for your Jug! These toys are perfect for keeping your Jug occupied when they’re at home alone.

Is a Jug a small dog?

Absolutely. Jugs are one of the smallest dogs there are. You could even call them a Toy Dog. In fact, the Jug is among the 25 smallest dog breeds in the world! This puts them among the ranks of the Pomeranian, Chihuahua, and Papillon. The Jug’s Pug and Jack Russell Terrier parents also make the list, meaning this breed is tiny through and through!

Being so small, your Jug may struggle with some aspects of their everyday life. Your Jug may need an especially shallow bowl, for example, and they could struggle to use stairs. A jug may also be more likely to get injured when trying to jump up on the couch or into a car. Your Jug could need a ramp for their own safety.

However, this small size also has its advantages. You can expect your Jug to have good core strength. They can excel at tricks like standing on their hind legs, and impress friends and family by walking around!

What age are Jugs fully grown?

Being such a small breed, your Jug grows quite quickly. Your Jug should grow around 1 inch a month until finally, at about 1 year old, your Jug will be fully grown!

What will my Jug look like in adulthood?

Being a cross between the Pug and the Jack Russell Terrier, it’s difficult to anticipate how your Jug will turn out. Sure, you now have an idea of how big they will get. But what will your Jug look like?

Depending on how much Jack Russell in comparison to Pug they have, your Jug will have a somewhat flatter than normal face, though with a longer snout than a full Pug. You can also expect your Jug to retain their Pug-like, triangular ears.

However, your Jug’s body will probably become leaner. Their body should showcase some of the Pug’s muscular roundness, but with a long JRT spine. Your Jug will have a Pug underbite jaw to some extent, too, with that Jack Russell grip.

When it comes to their coat, Pug black or caramel seem to be the most dominant color varieties. You can expect the Jack Russell Terrier’s fluffiness rather than the Pug’s downy fuzz, however.

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