How Far Should I Walk my Yorkie?

How Far Should I Walk my Yorkie
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The Yorkshire Terrier is notoriously a handbag dog spotted yapping and smiling from the purses of many famous celebrities to this day! But the Yorkie still does need to get walked, at least every once in a while.

So, how far should I walk my Yorkie? This is what we will discuss below. So read on to find out more:

So how Far Should I Walk my Yorkie? According to most leading veterinarians, in their puppyhood, the Yorkshire Terrier needs around 15 to 20 minutes of gentle exercise in a day, while this grows to 20 to 25 minutes when your Yorkie is over two years old.

Why should I walk my Yorkie?

Did you know that the Yorkshire Terrier is prone to developing aggression and fearfulness towards other dogs? This is due to the breed’s natural terrier tendencies, as well as the Yorkie’s long history as a lap dog.

Because of this, a Yorkshire Terrier needs regular and frequent socialization with other dogs to prevent this breed from developing long-term major behavioral issues. And what better way to give your Yorkie this socialization than taking them for a walk?

After all, when you take your Yorkshire Terrier out for a walk, you have complete control of the situation. You can pull the leash back when your Yorkie is uncomfortable or aggressive, lead your pooch in the direction you would like them to go, and give them the freedom to approach other dogs when you want them to.

Have you ever seen a dog that seems to sleep all day? What could possibly have them so exhausted all the time? Well, it could be that this dog has gotten tuckered out from its last stroll around the block!

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When we walk down the street, what we perceive is relatively peaceful compared to what your Yorkie sees, no matter how heavy the traffic is. I mean, think about how often your pooch stops to sniff something when you’re out on walks together.

With this dog’s sense of smell being so acute, it’s no surprise then that even a gentle walk up and down the sidewalk can zonk a Yorkie out for the next few hours.

So, any time you need your Yorkshire Terrier to leave you alone for a while, a walk is just the thing to provide the stimulation needed to tire your pooch out!

Should I walk my Yorkie every day?

It is very important to make sure that your Yorkshire Terrier gets a certain amount of exercise every day. But, does a Yorkie need to be walked every day?

For some Yorkshire Terriers, a daily walk is a good option. Going for ramble once or twice a day can make a great way for a Yorkie to get appropriate, gentle exercise.

A walk is also a wonderful way for you to get closer to your Yorkshire Terrier.

But as we mentioned previously, going out for a walk can be very stimulating for your Yorkie. In fact, for some Yorkshire Terriers, taking a walk every day can become overwhelming, and the dog may not enjoy the stroll much.

For such Yorkshire Terriers, a walk every other day, or even just once a week, may suffice, as long as the pooch is getting plenty of other exercises. This could be in the form of games you and your Yorkie play together.

Whether you go to lessons or just in your yard, you could even help your Yorkshire Terrier reach their daily exercise goals with agility or obedience lessons!

Can I just leave my Yorkie in the yard all day?

As we just mentioned, the yard is a good place to exercise and train your Yorkie. But since the Yorkshire Terrier is such a small dog, surely they would get enough exercise just being left to roam around in the garden all day, right?

Well, while this is possible, it is unlikely. Sure, you could come over and play with your Yorkie in the yard a bit, running from one side to the other together.

But if games like these do give your Yorkshire Terrier the exercise they need each day, staying in one environment is unlikely to be very interesting for your Yorkie.

After all, no matter what kind of toys you use, in the yard, it’s unlikely that anything is interesting for your Yorkshire Terrier to sniff at or play with. This can get boring for your Yorkie if it is all they do every day.

So, while going for a walk every single day might be too taxing for your Yorkie, try to take walks together every other day, or at least once a week.

What kind of daily exercise does a Yorkie need?

According to most leading veterinarians, in their puppyhood, the Yorkshire Terrier needs around 15 to 20 minutes of gentle exercise in a day, while this grows to 20 to 25 minutes when your Yorkie is over two years old.

Of course, this gentle exercise does not need to happen all at once. Instead, you and your Yorkshire Terrier could have two sessions of exercise in a day.

This could take the form of two 10 minute walks, for example. Or you could go for one short walk and have a yard play session later on. The choice is yours!

Your Yorkie will also need to get some more intense cardio exercise each week, although they need less than some larger dog breeds do, due to the Yorkie breed’s small stature.

No dog can sustain cardio for very long, so there is no specific amount of time to aim for.

Your Yorkshire Terrier simply needs some cardio once or twice a week. Thankfully, there are loads of fun ways for a pooch to get their cardio in! One of the most popular is fetch.

Or, you can simply take a more obedient Yorkie to an open dog park or field and watch them zoom around with glee!

What’s the maximum distance I can walk my Yorkie in a day?

As we touched upon earlier, the maximum walking time recommended for a Yorkshire Terrier by most veterinarians is around 25 minutes. This would equate to 2-3km.

However, any vet will also tell you that it’s fine to walk your Yorkie much farther, as long as they are completely happy to do so.

Some owners report that their Yorkshire Terrier happily accompanies them on 2-hour-long strolls, while others say that their Yorkie collapses on the ground after 30 minutes of walking!

So, every Yorkie is unique, and your pooch will let you know what they are happy with.

Can I take my Yorkie on a hike?

Well, contrary to popular belief, this actually isn’t impossible! After all, plenty of Yorkies do get spotted out on hikes regularly. But, you may want to take a few precautions to avoid exhausting your Yorkshire Terrier entirely.

You might like to invest in a good dog carrier or cage for your Yorkie, for those times when they lie down on the trail.

As well as this, be sure to bring along a portable dog water bowl, so that your Yorkshire Terrier can drink the water they need to keep going with ease, instead of going to drink from less hygienic puddles or streams.

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