How to Tell if your Yorkie is in Heat

How to Tell if your Yorkie is in Heat
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The Yorkshire Terrier is a companionable, feisty small dog breed. With the breed’s glamourous silky coat and playful personality, it’s no surprise that the Yorkie is one of the most well-liked dog breeds in the US.

But what about when your Yorkie puppy starts to grow up? Do you know how to tell if your Yorkie is in heat? In this article, we’re going to show you how to tell if your Yorkie is in heat, as well as detailing some of the stages of the typical Yorkie heat cycle and what precautions you should take during your Yorkie’s heat.

So, if you want to know what to do about your Yorkie’s heat cycle, read on!

So how to Tell if your Yorkie is in Heat? There are four different stages to a Yorkie’s heat. They are proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus. Discharge coming from your Yorkie’s vulva. licking their genitals and your Yorkies’ behavior.

Is it time for your Yorkie’s heat?

A dog’s heat cycle varies depending on which size breed they are. However, a small breed dog like the Yorkie typically comes into their first heat at anywhere from four to six months of age. Your Yorkie is sure to have their first heat before they are fifteen months old.

Small breed dogs like the Yorkie have a cycle that is more frequent than the cycle of larger dogs. You can expect your Yorkie to go into heat around three times a year.

What are the stages of a Yorkie’s heat?

There are four different stages to a Yorkie’s heat. The first is proestrus. During proestrus, your Yorkie’s body is getting ready to mate and you may notice some changes.

Then there’s estrus. Estrus is the main stage of your Yorkie’s heat, in which it is possible for your Yorkie to get pregnant. During this phase, you will find that your Yorkie is more interested in male dogs. Your Yorkie may also urinate more frequently.

After this, your Yorkie will go into diestrus. The diestrus stage lets your Yorkie’s body change – either back to normal or into a pregnant state. If your Yorkie is not pregnant, you will see their vulva decrease in size and vaginal discharge disappearing.

There’s also anestrus, the dormant stage of your Yorkie’s cycle. Absolutely nothing happens during anestrus, no unusual hormonal or sexual behavior.

Does your Yorkie have a swollen vulva?

At the beginning of your Yorkie’s heat, when their body is just getting ready to mate, this stage is referred to as proestrus. When your Yorkie is in proestrus, their vulva will usually swell noticeably.

You may also notice your Yorkie tucking their tail or holding it close to their body.

Is discharge coming from your Yorkie’s vulva?

Another obvious sign of your Yorkie being in heat is discharge. Throughout your Yorkie’s proestrus and estrus, you will notice discharge coming from your Yorkie’s vulva. Your Yorkie’s discharge should be bloody for the first while, so don’t be alarmed by this.

Later on, this discharge will get less frequent and may become straw-like in color. Your Yorkie may also want to mark more places with the scent of their urine to show other dogs that they are ready to breed.

While some Yorkies are very clean and deal with their discharge by themselves, you may like to use underpants or a dog diaper with your Yorkie, find the latest price here.

This will not only help to keep your home clean but will also partially mask the scent of your Yorkie’s heat from other dogs. You can get disposable diapers for dogs on their heat, as well as reusable ones, find the price here.

Is your Yorkie licking their genitals?

Around the time for your Yorkie’s heat you might not see any discharge or staining and may come to the conclusion that their heat hasn’t started yet. But be careful – during their heat, some Yorkies keep themselves clean by licking their genitals to the extent that the dog’s entire heat phase passes without the owner noticing!

Because of this, genital licking is one of our major signs of your Yorkie being in heat.

Take a look at your Yorkie’s licking their genitals

One of the big signs of your Yorkie being on their heat is changes to their body language. As we touched upon earlier, your Yorkie may tuck their tail tightly against their body during proestrus, walk around with the tail pinned to the side of their leg during estrus, or constantly keep their tail up high.

You may also notice that your Yorkie becomes more aggressive towards other dogs when in heat. During estrus, when your Yorkie is ready to mate, it’s quite common for them to show aggression to female dogs, while during the earlier proestrus stage; your Yorkie will show aggression towards male dogs.

At home, your Yorkie may show mounting behavior. Your pooch may mount cushions or stuffed toys. Your Yorkie may even show nesting behavior, building a den out of blankets and large stuffed toys.

You might find that your Yorkie is completely exhausted throughout their heat. Your Yorkie may even lack the energy to go out on walks!

You may also find that your Yorkie becomes cuddlier during their heat and wants to snuggle up to you all day long. Equally, your Yorkie may prefer to be alone in their bed all day when they are on their heat.

However, it is just as likely that your Yorkie won’t show any change whatsoever from their usual behavior!

Is your Yorkie more interested in male dogs?

When your Yorkie is in heat, although they may show aggression towards male dogs during the proestrus stage, you will probably notice your Yorkie being more interested in male dogs during estrus.

In the park or on a walk, your Yorkie will walk up to male dogs with their tail held to the side. So, you will have to keep a close eye on your Yorkie during this stage!

What precautions should I take during my Yorkie’s heat?

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and this trait comes in handy most of the time. However, this sense of smell also means that you will need to keep a close eye on your Yorkie during their heat.

This is because male dogs have the ability to smell your Yorkie in heat from around three miles away! Given the chance, male dogs will happily sprint for miles right up to where your Yorkie is.

If you leave your Yorkie unsupervised outdoors for even a moment when they are on their heat, don’t be surprised to find a male dog or two nearby quite quickly!

Because of this, you will have to keep your Yorkie very secure when they are on their heat. If possible, keep your Yorkie indoors for their entire heat. As well as this, do not take your Yorkie for walks in public areas.

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