Jack Russell vs Yorkshire Terrier

Jack Russell vs Yorkshire Terrier

The Jack Russell and Yorkie are both terrier dogs, but beyond this, do the Jack Russell Terrier, and Yorkshire Terrier have similarities?

After looking at the Jack Russell vs Yorkshire Terrier, they look like very different dogs. So, what do Jack Russell and Yorkie have in common, and what makes them unique?

Are Yorkies one of the smartest dogs?

Yes, Yorkshire Terriers are quite an intelligent breed. The canine psychologist Stanley Coren considers the Yorkie terrier to be of “above-average” intelligence, ranking at 34 out of 138 breeds in a study.

The Jack is smart but in a different way. In Stanley Coren’s study, the Jack Russell was found to be of average intelligence. The Jack Russell terrier is the 84th breed on this list. Jack Russell’s “obedience and working IQ allows them to hunt vermin.

Their unique gift to chase, stalk and corner their prey is evidence of Jack’s one-of-a-kind intelligence.

Are Jack Russells hard to potty train?

Not really. The typical Jack Russell is housebroken within about 6 months. Just take your terrier pup to the same outdoor spot about every 3 hours, and soon after eating, napping and playing, and they’ll quickly get the message.

Yorkies are simple to potty train, too, if not easier. Remember to use plenty of positive reinforcement and verbal encouragement, and your Yorkshire Terrier will be going where you want in no time!

Can Yorkies be left alone?

Yes. When your Yorkie is a fully-grown adult, and they’ve settled into their home, you can easily leave your Yorkshire Terrier at home alone for anywhere from 4 to 6 hours without accidents or anxiety.

That said, the Yorkie is also a highly social breed that won’t tolerate being left by themselves for extended periods. So, make sure your Yorkshire Terrier is fully used to spending time by themselves before you start heading out for the whole day.

Jack Russells can also be left at home alone for 4 to 6 hours a day when they’re old enough. However, the Jack is equally prone to separation anxiety when alone at home.

They may comfort themselves by chewing up pens, packaging – anything they can get their paws on. Your Jack may even jump onto the table to find objects to destroy! So, get your Jack Russell thoroughly used to being by themselves before heading to school or work.

Are Yorkies prone to high anxiety?

They can be. Yorkshire Terriers are thought of as bold, fierce pooches in a tiny little package. But this very sociable breed is prone to separation anxiety, as we touched upon. However, Yorkies aren’t predisposed to concern about noise in the street or their surroundings.

Jack Russells are not predisposed to environmental anxiety about their surroundings, either. But they may develop separation anxiety. For both dogs, stress may manifest as symptoms like licking the floor or couch, nipping and growling at you when you come home, and physical symptoms like appetite loss or reduced activity, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, or even hyperactivity or pacing.

Do Jack Russells bark a lot?

Yes, in some situations, they do. The Jack Russell was originally bred as a hunting dog. So, today, it’s still easy for a Jack to get excited as they chase a ball or play tug of war. However, Jack Russells can also get protective of their home, people and surroundings.

This means the Jack Russell may bark in the yard at night and when they’re on the leash or standing at your front door. Jacks may even just bark out of boredom or for fun.

Yorkshire Terriers are much the same. Being Terriers, Yorkies have that terrier tendency to want to protect you from everything. However, they can also get excited by birds, mice, squirrels, balls – simply anything they can chase!

However, Yorkshire Terriers are also guard dogs. This makes for plenty of barking when the mailman comes to the door or just when they hear something outside.

Do Yorkies like to cuddle?

Absolutely! With their tantalizing silky-soft coat, there’s probably nothing you’d love more than to cuddle your Yorkshire Terrier. Well, thankfully, there’s nothing more they’d like than to cuddle with you, either. Yorkies love all things comfy and love bonding with their favorite people too.

Despite their wiry coat, Jack Russell terriers typically enjoy snuggling with you too. They may want their space, but Jacks are big heat-seekers and can be found anywhere cosy. Just don’t make your Jack Russell feel trapped or threatened when you cuddle with them, or they’ll be quick to retaliate.

Are Jack Russells easy to groom?

In a way. The Jack Russell’s straight, thin coat sheds continuously. Unfortunately, this means you’ll find Jack Russell terrier hairs all over your home – woven into the couch, your socks, your jeans, everywhere!

Fortunately, this also means that all the Jack Russell really needs in terms of coat care is a weekly bristle brush. Coupled with this, a bath when they get smelly will keep your Jack Russell at their best.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a little more tricky to groom. A Yorkie’s hair grows, so they’ll need trimming and more frequent bathing and brushing. You’ll need to get your Yorkshire Terrier’s long straight coat trimmed every four to six weeks. You can do this at home after a bath, or take your Yorkie to a professional groomer for a show cut!

Is a Yorkshire Terrier loyal?

Yes, and they show their loyalty in a specific way. Yorkies can be vocal and bark a lot as protective guard dogs, especially when they want to scare off the mailman or the neighborhood cat. So this alert pooch can actually make an excellent guard dog. And, of course, Yorkshire Terriers also love to cuddle up with you. Yorkies tend to actually bond with one person over all others!

A Jack Russell Terrier is also fiercely loyal in that unique Terrier way. They’ll protect you by barking at all the other dogs in the park when they’re on the leash, though Jacks are also generally friendly and warm towards all humans who come to the door.

However, like the Yorkie, Jack Russells can be possessive of specific humans and objects, even acting angry towards other members of the family who threaten this property.

Jack Russell Terriers can be downright clingy, too, following you around the home, staring at you, and always wanting to know what you are doing.

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