Do Golden Retrievers Get Along With Small Dogs?

Do Golden Retrievers Get Along With Small Dogs

A Golden Retriever will get along with a small dog. Golden Retrievers are typically great with other dogs regardless of their size.

It’s well known that the Golden Retriever is a highly sociable breed of dog, that gets along swimmingly with both humans young or old, and fellow pooches alike.

But what about when these dogs are significantly smaller than this gentle giant? With them being so boisterous and playful even at the most peaceful of times, do Golden Retrievers get along with small dogs?

This is the topic we’re taking a look at in this article:

Are Golden Retrievers Energetic Dogs?

As one of the main working dog breeds that are also suitable to be a pet, the Golden Retriever is one of the most energetic and boisterous dog breeds there is, always wanting to know all about everything and anything that everyone is doing.

They could play fetch or tug of war all day long, without getting one bit tired!

Of course, this never-ending energy can be too much for some people, and some dogs alike, to handle.

But when it comes to other dogs, a Golden Retriever typically gets along great with them regardless of the other dogs’ size, just as long as the other dogs are equally as energetic as they are.

Are Golden Retrievers Sociable Dogs?

For sure, this big, friendly pooch is an incredibly social breed of dog, and is also just as intelligent as it is outgoing, too. A Golden Retriever is always happy to approach new dogs in the park, and will always welcome a new visitor to the house.

And they do this with aplomb – but at the first sign of a raised voice or a growl, for example, the smart Golden will immediately jump off the couch, or stop investigating a pooch who isn’t appreciating it.

So even when it comes to small dogs, most Golden Retrievers will be all too happy to bounce over and play with them, and will quickly take heed of a changing situation.

But this natural sociability and intelligence will only take a Golden Retriever so far – with a small dog, there may be times when a Golden Retriever can’t help but be too rough for them, so do be aware of that.

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Are Golden Retrievers Lonely Dogs?

As we previously touched upon, the Golden Retriever is really an extremely friendly breed of dog, with a need for a certain amount of social interaction every day.

But do Golden Retrievers easily become lonely? And how much company does a Golden Retriever really need every day?

It’s true that Golden Retrievers really hate being alone. Any Goldie owner will tell you, you can’t leave your Golden Retriever alone for more than a few hours max, or else chaos and destruction ensues.

As well as this, the Golden Retriever also develops separation anxiety incredibly easily, so watch out for this. Read my full post here: Do Golden Retrievers Have Separation Anxiety?

So if you have another dog in your household that your Golden Retriever gets along with, even if they are a small dog, it is worth considering leaving them in the same room together if you have to go out for a while, as long as you feel that you can trust them together.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Along With a Small Companion Dog?

Golden Retrievers do not need a companion dog, per se. But would a Golden Retriever get along with a small dog as a companion?

Well, given the breed’s history as a Retriever, the Golden Retriever still loves to fetch and to hold other toys in their mouth, like tug toys or rope toys.

With the Golden Retriever’s limitless energy, a Golden Retriever would be over the moon at the prospect of playing their favorite games all day long with another dog, irrespective of the other dog’s size.

So, if you find a small companion dog who loves games like fetch and tug of war as much as a Retriever, and who has infinite energy just like a Retriever, a Golden Retriever would get along with this small companion dog just great!

Such dog breeds include the Boston Terrier, Pug, and Beagle, for example.

Are Golden Retrievers too Boisterous for Small Dogs?

The Golden Retriever indeed has a tendency to be incredibly energetic, to the extent that some people can’t keep up. But what about other dogs – small dogs, specifically? Is the Golden Retriever too boisterous for a small dog to get along with?

It is true that a Golden Retriever tends to have a natural social intelligence that enables them to get along with other dogs with ease. This can override the Golden’s exuberance and hyperactivity, especially when it comes to smaller dogs.

But did you know that the Golden Retriever matures at a much slower rate than some other dog breeds? And a Golden Retriever’s natural social intelligence doesn’t really fully develop until the Goldie is a fully grown and experienced adult dog.

So, yes, young Golden Retrievers are often way too boisterous for small dogs. If you are thinking of adopting a small dog to live with a Golden Retriever, it is worth waiting until the Golden Retriever is fully grown.

How Can I Introduce my Golden Retriever to a Small Dog?

Although the Golden Retriever is a breed of dog with good social intelligence, they are still a very large dog, so some precautions should be taken to avoid frightening off the smaller dog when you are introducing them to each other for the first time.

What is this? Well, what we mean by neutral is, an area that neither dog really regards as their own territory. An area they don’t own. So, do not meet up in your home or their home.

A good place for both of you to meet up could be the local park, for example. In the park, there are lots of smells, but none that would be that familiar for either dog.

Keep them both on a leash, too, during their first meeting, and take things slowly – do not force the two dogs to interact with each other.

One other thing you could do, if you are going to adopt a smaller dog, try bringing home one object with the smaller dog’s scent on it to your Golden Retriever.

This could be something like a blanket, or a favorite toy. Doing this will help your Golden Retriever to get used to the idea of the new dog before they have ever met.

Then, when they do meet, your Golden Retriever will recognize the dog from the object they smelt in their own familiar surroundings.

So, a Golden Retriever really does have the capacity to get along great with small dogs!

There are just a few things that it is a good idea to bear in mind when such a friendly yet boisterous and large dog is going to meet up with, or even live with, a dog who is several times smaller than them.

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By Michelle McDaid

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