Is America dog friendly

Is America dog friendly

As a country, America does like dogs. I’d venture there isn’t a state you can pass through without encountering dogs romping around in a park or yard.

And yet, there are so many places where you can’t take a dog. Many apartments prohibit pets from living there, and some parks do not allow dogs.

Dogs sometimes cannot travel on public transport, like buses, and aren’t allowed in taxis.

So, it begs the question: is America dog friendly? Or do doggies have a better quality of life in other places?

Are dogs welcomed to apartments in the US?

When considering where to live with your canine, you want a state with plenty of pet-friendly rental options.

Doing this research will make it easier for you to find a place to live with your dog, but it will be faster. More housing options mean more playmates for your furry family member.

In addition, there’ll be dog parks, dog-friendly cafés and bars in the area, and more agility and obedience classes to attend!

Indeed, many apartments do not allow you to have a dog living in them. Whether it’s the risk of a dog making noise, destroying furniture, breaking fixtures, or otherwise disrupting an apartment block, many landlords do not allow dogs.

Many people may unofficially house their dog in their apartment, but dogs are often unwelcome.

Plenty of apartments in the US make a point of being dog-friendly and pet friendly. In addition, some states have many apartments that welcome your doggy. Georgia and North Carolina are two of these apartment-plentiful states.

Unfortunately, however, Georgia offers little protective laws for your canine.

Where do most dogs live in the US?

Unquestionably the state where the most dogs live in the US has to be the most dog-friendly part of America, right?

However, as we’ve seen, just because an area is home to many dogs doesn’t mean it is the most dog-friendly area.

One place that’s home to plenty of pets and which welcomes your dog with many protective laws is Pennsylvania. That said, Pennsylvania also has comparatively very few pet-friendly apartments.

Another state with quite a high dog population and is dog friendly in other ways is Oregon. But it’s Wyoming with the overall highest pet population in the US.

Other states that provide a good, safe home to plenty of pooches include Idaho, Vermont, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Where are dogs safest in the US?

We all know that there are certain threats to our dogs. Animal fighting continues, as well as cruel, irresponsible over-breeding, constant outdoor tethering and other dangers and abuse.

Tail docking and ear cropping haven’t been made illegal in many areas! Animal owners do campaign to have these laws changed and created. But, for the moment, some parts of America are safer for your doggie than others.

The American states with the best laws against leaving pets in cars, dogs tethering, anti-cruelty and sexual assault laws, and laws against animal fighting paraphernalia – items used during dog fights and for training dogs to fight – feature Vermont, Nevada, Tennessee, Indiana and North Carolina.

Where are the best US states for dogs overall?

There are a few places in America that have it all, with plenty of anti-animal cruelty laws to keep your pooch safe.

In addition, they offer loads of places for your pup to live and stay and a ton of dog-friendly hiking areas, activities, groomers, vets, and everything else a dog would require! So, where are these fantastic places?


The little state of Maine is a brilliant place for any pooch to stay or visit. With 3% of pubs and restaurants pet friendly and plenty of services and attractions for your pooch, Maine is the destination for your furry friend.

So after a long off-leash run about at Little Long Pond, Acadia National Park or a partial Appalachian Trail hike at Baxter State Park, feel free to bring Fido along to unwind at one of the many dog-friendly eateries, hotels, or resorts.

Maine is also the third safest state for your canine regarding animal rights and protection laws. For example, Maine is one of the few places where dogs are required to wear a seatbelt or keep to an enclosed part of a vehicle, like their crate.


Thought of as the single most dog-loving state by the American Medical Veterinary Association, you and your dog will be spoilt for choice in Arkansas!

37% of the accommodation in this state accepts animals, with 68% of the trails here considered dog-friendly walkie options, though there are technically more on offer, just on-leash only.

When heading back for a snack, why not check out one of the 360 pet-friendly restaurant options? That’s practically a different place for every day of the year!

If you and your furry friend are stuck for something to do in Arkansas, look into one of the 43 pet-friendly parks, nature reserves, or eight dog parks. The Buffalo National River or Crater of Diamonds State Park are two great options. You’ll never be bored in Arkansas.


What about Illinois? The state’s love of dogs is evident from the fact that they have 279 dog-welcoming restaurants, 800 pet-friendly accommodation options, 286 attractions for dogs, 634 services, and 170 vets.

Their unrivalled animal welfare laws will surely convince you. Illinois has the most laws of any state against animal cruelty, neglect, fighting, and abuse. Illinois even sets out clear standards for primary pet care and can block repeat offenders from owning animals in the future.

You and your dog can have a ton of fun adventures in Illinois, such as roaming the vineyards, exploring steamboats, and even staying in bed! In short, there’s nowhere better for a pooch to explore.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a popular spot for canine owners and doggy tourists alike. Like Maine, dogs are prohibited from travelling in vehicles unless they are securely belted in. There are similar laws protecting pooches from cruelty and neglect, too.

Plus, when it comes to services, New Hampshire’s 39 vets and 48 dog daycares will take complete care of your canine any time you need them to.

If you want to visit, head over in the fall, as this is when New Hampshire’s stunning greenery is most spectacular – and the scents are even more captivating for your pooch!

To sniff around the trails in the greatest peace, plan for late October since this is when there are the least tourists to bother you.

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