How to Stop a Cavapoo from Biting

How to Stop a Cavapoo from Biting

When they were a puppy, your Cavapoo was probably always biting when playing with their siblings. But dogs have plenty of fur to protect them!

Sure, when your Cavapoo was a puppy, it might have been cute to watch them nip things as they investigated the world. But now that your Cavapoo is all grown up, what kind of biting is acceptable? When does your Cavapoo’s biting become a problem? And does anyone know how to stop a Cavapoo from biting?

Why does my Cavapoo bite?

There are several reasons why your Cavapoo might bite. The first is that they are teething. From 12 weeks to 6 months old, your Cavapoo puppy will be wanting to bite everything in sight – your hands, their bed, even wooden furniture and fixtures like skirting boards. Teething can be a difficult time for your Cavapoo.

The second reason why your Cavapoo might bite is that they are playing. Biting during play is normal for any dog, but it can sometimes go over the top and get out of hand.

The third reason is aggression. This is when your Cavapoo wants to be left alone or doesn’t understand advances from the humans and dogs around them. An aggressive bite is intentional, painful, and often very severe. Aggression is something that undoubtedly needs to be swiftly dissuaded and treated if your Cavapoo even begins to exhibit it.

Another reason can be that they are just bored. A bored Cavapoo will chew on whatever is lying around, even hazardous, foul-tasting objects. Again, a Cavapoo can get into a lot of danger when they are bored. But thankfully, a walk, some play, or just some attention and petting can quickly alleviate boredom.

How can I make my Cavapoo more gentle?

If your Cavapoo is still relatively young, chances are they simply don’t yet understand that their biting is hurting you.

It’s a natural instinct for any puppy to bite objects and people around them. Biting helps your Cavapoo understand the world and releases endorphins in their brain, making them happy. So, it’s essential to make your Cavapoo understand that biting you is painful.

If your Cavapoo is playing with other dogs and bites them too hard, the other dog will yelp. This helps your Cavapoo learn to adjust the pressure of their biting and not to bite certain areas at all.

Your Cavapoo already understands this kind of behavior from playing with their siblings in the past. So, any time your Cavapoo bites your hands or fingers too hard, loudly tell them “Ouch!” or “Ow!”. If your Cavapoo then decides to lick you or nuzzle you, give them plenty of praise.

What if my Cavapoo bites during play?

All dog owners have been there. Maybe you’re playfully scratching your Cavapoo’s belly, or perhaps you’re playing Fetch together. All Cavapoos accidentally bite their owners during play now and then.

You want to teach your Cavapoo not to bite you again. So, if your Cavapoo currently doesn’t have a toy in their mouth when they feel like biting, quickly offer them a toy to bite instead.

Cavapoo chew toys

If your Cavapoo persistently bites you during play or bites you too hard, get up and leave them alone for a little while. Don’t shout at your Cavapoo or hit them, but give them a time out. A little while later, when your Cavapoo has calmed down again, you can start to play together again.

You can also switch to non-contact play – like Fetch or Tug-of-war – for a while to minimize the risk of being bitten.

What if my Cavapoo bites while excited?

Sometimes your Cavapoo is too excited to listen to you properly. Maybe you’ve just produced a treat, and your Cavapoo is running and jumping around and biting you as you give them the treat. Or maybe you’ve just told them they’re getting in the car or going for a walk. Perhaps your Cavapoo bites you as you’re lifting them for a bath.

If your Cavapoo bites you while they are excited, give them a little while to calm down if it is safe to do so. Then, call them over to you when they are calm enough to listen to you again. Then, try to pick your Cavapoo up and pet them.

Should I give my Cavapoo chew toys?

Some owners worry that chew toys and toys for biting and pulling can encourage their dog to bite more. So, should you give your Cavapoo chew toys?

Absolutely! Chew toys are a brilliant way for your Cavapoo to satiate their need to bite and chew. The only thing you need to be worried about is that your Cavapoo knows to bite only these toys. Training your Cavapoo not to bite you and offering them chew toys instead is a great way to do this.

Check that the chew toys are made from soft yet durable and natural materials. Rubber is a good option. Alternatively, rope toys let your Cavapoo safely gnaw and gnaw while also brushing their teeth!

Rope toys for your Cavapoo

What if my Cavapoo bites other dogs?

Most Cavapoos do occasionally bite other dogs. It’s just a natural part of their life. But when should you be worried?

As we touched upon earlier, biting is a normal part of dogs’ play. Even the most frightening snapping and nipping is probably nothing to worry about, and the other dog will let your Cavapoo know when they’ve had enough by whining, lying down, baring their teeth, or yelping.

However, if your Cavapoo keeps playing and biting past this point, there’s a risk of both dogs getting hurt. The game could even turn into a dogfight. If this happens, you’ll need to step in. Try physically getting between your Cavapoo and the other dog, or quickly distracting your Cavapoo with a favorite word like “Treats!” or “Walkies!”

If you are still concerned about your Cavapoo’s biting, get in contact with a local dog behaviourist or trainer.  

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