How much exercise does a Springer Spaniel need every day?

How much exercise does a Springer Spaniel need every day

The Springer Spaniel is a friendly, obedient pet with a long past as a hunter’s dog. Named for their ability to ‘spring’ birds out from the undergrowth in woody areas, the Springer Spaniels of today still enjoy running around in pursuit of pigeons, squirrels, and candy wrappers!

Springer Spaniels also love games like Fetch and Frisbee. With their inexhaustible stamina, Springer Spaniels are great hiking and camping companions, too. But how much exercise does a Springer Spaniel need every day?

How far do they need walking, and what types of exercise are best for them? In this article, we’ll be laying out the answers to these questions more. So, read on if you want to find out about how to exercise and play with your Springer Spaniel:

How many minutes of exercise does the Springer Spaniel need daily?

With their history as a working hunting dog, the Springer Spaniel needs as much exercise as you can give them every day! At the very least, your Springer will need an hour of activity daily.

If your Springer Spaniel is over 18 months old, between 70 to 90 minutes of activity a day is ideal for this fully-grown hunter.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to take your Springer Spaniel for a long walk every day. You can also play games with them and play sports together.

What kind of exercise does the Springer Spaniel enjoy?

With any dog, there are games they prefer over others and physical limitations against and aptitudes for particular games. The Springer Spaniel is no different!

The Springer Spaniel needs to carry out various different exercises and games to use its body to its full potential. Fortunately, Springer Spaniels also enjoy a range of different exercises.

One of these activity types is Fetch. With only a little work from you, you can launch a ball for your Springer Spaniel to chase for quite a distance! Plus, if you bounce the ball, your Springer Spaniel gets the opportunity to use their Springer’s legs and leap up and catch their fluorescent prey.

When your Springer Spaniel is physically exhausted from all this fetching, let them use their nose for a while. Place one of your Springer’s favorite treats or a piece of kibble under one of three cups. Then, switch the cups around ten times, as fast as you can. After this, let your Springer Spaniel sniff the food out!

This scent game allows your Springer Spaniel to use their intelligent nose and exercise their brain. This game also tests your Spaniel’s obedience in the face of a tantalizing treat – how long can they sit still for? Playing scent games like this every day will boost your Springer’s naturally high obedience.

You can also let your Springer Spaniel get their daily food by scattering kibble around in your house and yard. You could hide food under objects or in cupboards your Springer can open.

Even just covering your Springer Spaniel’s food with their bowl goes a long way in helping your Springer Spaniel get more activity and stimulation – now they have to move their bowl around the floor and use their brain to find out how to turn it over.

Some fun outdoor games to play with your Springer Spaniel

What other games does the Springer Spaniel like?

Another scent game your Springer may enjoy is the ‘pick a hand’ game. Hold a piece of your Springer Spaniel’s favorite food in one of your closed fists. Then, hold your fists out for your Springer to find the treat.

This helps your Springer Spaniel learn how to follow a scent. You can use this game when you reward your Springer Spaniel while practicing obedience.

If your Springer Spaniel enjoys these scent games, why not invest in some food puzzle toys? Your Springer Spaniel will love figuring out how these puzzle toys work, and moving them around the yard or kitchen will keep them occupied for hours – perfect for when you are at work and school.

Looking for a more active way to practice obedience skills with your Springer Spaniel? Why not do agility together? In agility, you command your Springer Spaniel to sprint through tunnels and meet you at the other side, jump up on wobbly and stable platforms, and weave in and out of obstacles like slalom poles.

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Not only does agility help your Springer Spaniel to get the exercise they need and move their body in different ways, but it also helps you bond together and, of course, boosts your Springer’s obedience skills.

You could take your Springer Spaniel to agility classes, where they can make lots of new furry friends as they pick up new skills. However, you can also practice agility at home and in the park.

Scent games for a Springer Spaniel

How much do I need to walk my Springer Spaniel every day?

So, the Springer Spaniel needs at least 70 minutes of activity every day. However, not all of this activity needs to be in the form of a game, though games help your Springer get different types of movement.

Walks are essential for your Springer Spaniel. Even a less brisk walk provides plenty of stimulation for your Springer in the form of sights, sounds, and smells.

So, walk your Springer Spaniel for at least 10 minutes every day. Walking your Spaniel for these precious 10 minutes gives your pooch plenty of opportunities to keep up with the neighborhood’s ‘pee-mail’ – your Springer Spaniel will get to know which dog has been where and they can also contribute too.

If you take your Springer Spaniel for a longer walk, they likely won’t object to this, either. And as we touched upon earlier, why not jazz up your walks with some agility incorporated in? You can allow your Springer Spaniel to weave between bollards or lampposts on a short leash or jump up on a bench.

You can also ask your Springer Spaniel for obedience commands during walks. Get your Springer to spin on the spot if you’re standing at a traffic light, for example, or sit down as you lift their poop.

Springer Spaniels love to run, too. So, why not suit up with a waist leash and let your Springer Spaniel set the pace? Stick to softer surfaces like grass for both of your joint health.

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