Can Springer Spaniels be left alone in the house?

Can Springer Spaniels be left alone in the house

The Springer Spaniel is a lovely breed. Friendly and playful, who wouldn’t love having a Springer around! But there comes a time when you have to go to work or school. You can’t bring your pooch with you!

So, can Springer Spaniels be left alone in the house? If so, how long can you leave your Spaniel alone? In this article, we’ll be answering these questions and more. So, if you want to know more about the gorgeous pooch that is the Springer Spaniel, read on!

Can I leave a Springer Spaniel alone indoors?

Yes, you can leave your Springer Spaniel pooch at home alone. However, your puppy will have to reach a certain age first. It’s best if your Springer is also fully potty trained before you leave them alone.

A two-month-old Springer Spaniel needs to go around every two hours. Therefore, a two-month-old Springer Spaniel can only be left alone for two hours. The general rule of thumb is that you can add an hour for every month of your Springer’s age.

This may mean you have to come home from work at lunchtime or ask a neighbor to come let your Springer out to the yard or take them for a walk every once in a while.

This method is a great way to gradually get your Springer Spaniel used to spend longer and longer time periods on their own.

How can I prepare my Springer Spaniel to be left alone in the house?

A Springer Spaniel who is left alone in the house with nothing to do will quickly turn destructive. This destruction can range from destroying stuffed toys or flipping their food bowl to pulling all the skirting boards off the walls or tearing their bed apart!

You can see how this could quickly get dangerous for your Springer. So, it’s better to leave your pooch with something safer to do, instead.

When it’s time for your Springer to settle down, provide them with a chew toy or puzzle toy to keep them occupied. Chew treats and chew sticks work great.

Or, a Kong filled with peanut butter, cream cheese, or pumpkin puree is a brilliant option. For longer-lasting fun on a hot day, you can freeze the toy!

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Giving your Spaniel something to lick not only offers them a long-lasting source of entertainment and occupation, but it also helps to relax them.

So, if you’d prefer your Springer Spaniel to chill out and sleep while you’re at work or school, give them something they can lick. Top up your pooch’s food and water bowls as you head out the door, too – all that licking can be thirsty, tiring work!

Though you’re sure to miss your Spaniel, when you head out, leave home calmly, without making any fuss. Head out the door without saying anything and without petting your pooch. This may seem cruel, but leaving without making a fuss goes a long way in preventing separation anxiety, especially in a breed as loyal and sociable as the Springer Spaniel.

Get them to watch dog tv for up to 3 hours when you are out

Should I leave my Springer Spaniel alone outside?

With all the exercise a Springer Spaniel needs, surely a dog of this breed would prefer being outside all day, right? Many Spaniels love being outside, too. So, is it alright to leave your Springer Spaniel in a run or tied up in the yard all day?

Well yes, it can often be a good idea to leave your Springer alone in the yard when you go to school or work. However, there are a few things you should think about first.

First of all, you must make sure that your outdoor area is secure. Examine your yard’s fence closely. Are there any holes, even minor ones? Could your Springer Spaniel climb the fence or dig under it? Never underestimate a determined Spaniel!

If you find that your outdoor area is not sufficiently secure, you may like to use a tie-out cable and stake. If you opt for this method of security, check that the harness or collar you use is appropriate for tie-out cables, and make sure your cable and tie-out stake are strong enough.

All this being said, you’ll ultimately have to trust your Springer Spaniel not to bite through the tie-out cable or jump over the fence if whatever’s on the other side is tantalizing enough.

Do bear in mind that Springer Spaniels are also a highly social dog, and they need lots of play with humans and other dogs incorporated into their lifestyle, too.

So, if you do leave your Spaniel outdoors when you head to work or school, don’t just leave your Springer Spaniel out in the yard all the time – bring them in to be part of the family every day, too, and take them for regular walks, as well as giving them plenty of the active play they love in your yard.

What kind of dog is the Springer Spaniel?

Originally bred as a gundog who flushed game in fields, the Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized, friendly and obedient dog. From the most basic to extremely advanced commands, your Springer Spaniel will master them with aplomb. Plus, affectionate and personable, you’ll never be bored or lonely with a Springer Spaniel around!

Are Springer Spaniels a loyal breed?

Definitely! The social and playful Springer Spaniel is never aloof! Springer Spaniels love all people and dogs and enjoy nothing more than playing and romping around with two- and four-legged friends.

In fact, the Springer Spaniel is so friendly, they’ll gladly welcome anyone into your house! Far from being a lapdog, the Springer Spaniel is happy to approach anyone who calls them over to play. This makes the Springer Spaniel unsuitable for deployment as a guard dog or companion dog, despite the breed’s sociable nature.

Are Springer Spaniels an active breed?

Absolutely. With the breed’s long history (did you there have been mentions of Spaniels since 300 A.D.? Spaniels are over 1,700 years old!) as a gun dog, the Springer Spaniels of today remain just as active and boisterous as ever!

Springer Spaniels need plenty of activity every day, with an adult Springer needing at least 70 minutes of daily exercise. The more exercise you can give them, the happier your Springer Spaniel will be.

Because of this past, Springer Spaniels are unlikely to tolerate long periods of inactivity well. It’s not surprising for a Spaniel owner to come home from 7 hours of work or school to a room that’s been decimated by a bored and frustrated Springer!

If you have plans to leave your Springer Spaniel at home by themselves, you’ll have to make sure to train them and prepare them.

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