Can a Springer Spaniel live outside?

Can a Springer Spaniel live outside

The Springer Spaniel is a dog with a long history of hunting. They are active and boisterous dogs, even today. So it’d only make sense that the breed would prefer to spend most of their time outside, right?

But can a Springer Spaniel live outside? Will they be safe, and is it healthy? In this article, we explore all these topics and more. So, read on to find out more about Springer Spaniels living outside!

What kind of dog is the Springer Spaniel?

The Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized, athletic, and fiercely loyal pooch. You couldn’t ask for a better hiking buddy or a more cuddly sofa snuggler! The Springer Spaniel has a soft, dense coat that keeps them warm and is perfect for petting.

Bred for hunting, today’s Springer Spaniels are still just as happy to spend all day running around before snuggling up loyally with their handler in the evening.

Would the Springer Spaniel be warm enough outside?

With the breed’s hunting past, yes, the Springer Spaniel would be perfectly comfortable outside. The Springer Spaniel has an undercoat that gives them insulation. This undercoat works in harmony with the Springer’s topcoat, the longer, shaggy, wavy fringe, to create a wind-proof, water-proof, ray-proof, and bramble and thorn-proof shield!

Though their coat is an amazing feat of nature, the Springer Spaniel still needs some protection from extreme temperatures and weather conditions if they are spending any significant period outside. Your Springer Spaniel needs a UV-proof roof over them and a warm, robust, cozy place to sleep.

A wooden or plastic kennel or doghouse with a soft doggy mattress should give your Springer Spaniel everything they need to relax or sleep outside. Some doors, though, are unsuitable for a Spaniel’s long ears and bushy tail, so test the kennel out in-store together if you can.

Be sure to add more bedding to the kennel in winter and swap it out for a cooling mat in the summer. Just like with crate training, make sure you get your Springer Spaniel adequately used to the kennel before you put them in it overnight, too.

Would a Springer Spaniel be lonely outside?

The Springer Spaniel is an active dog that needs plenty of time and space to run around. Their thick, wavy coat also makes a Springer Spaniel likely to overheat if they spend a lot of time indoors, too.

But the Springer Spaniel is also a loyal, friendly, and sociable dog. So, you must interact with your Springer Spaniel every day. If your Springer Spaniel lives in the yard, making plenty of time to play Fetch or Frisbee with them and taking them for a long daily walk gives them the stimulation they need and keeps them from becoming lonely. Take a look at these interactive toys.

If possible, a dog flap would allow your Springer Spaniel to spend some indoor time with the family any time they choose. Then, when they want to cool down or chill out, your Spaniel can duck out again.

Is a Springer Spaniel safe outside?

The Springer Spaniel is a highly sought-after breed. They make a great hunter and are very valuable. This, coupled with the breed’s friendly, people-oriented nature, can put your Springer Spaniel at significant risk of theft.

Springer Spaniels are also reasonably agile. If they want to, a Springer Spaniel will hang around in your yard, playing with toys and treats.

But as soon as they catch a whiff of the neighbors’ barbecues or see a squirrel scurrying in the trees, you can bet your Springer will have sprung over the tallest fence faster than you can say, “Fido!”

So, you’ll need to turn your yard into a Fort Knox if your Springer Spaniel will be living outside. Make sure it is impossible to climb your fence and regularly inspect it for signs of digging or other damage.

A lengthy tie-out cable and stake with a harness are the ultimate solution to keep your Springer Spaniel secure, as long as they don’t chew the wire.

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You’ll also need to make sure others cannot easily gain access to your yard. Keep your gates closed and locked at all times. Some theft-prevention paint or the threat of a security camera may be enough to dissuade potential burglars.

You could have your Springer Spaniel sleep in a kennel or run to keep them more secure, or even bring them inside at night.

Is it cruel to leave a Springer Spaniel alone outside?

With their warm, fluffy coat keeping them nice and toasty, most Springer Spaniels kept indoors will scratch at the door to get outside and cool down frequently throughout the day. So, surely it’s crueller to leave your Springer Spaniel indoors all day?

But we’ve all seen that one dog who’s tied up outside, barking all day. They don’t get walks; they don’t get played with. A situation like this is fiercely cruel.

If you leave your Springer Spaniel outside, as long as they have access to clean, fresh food and water, sufficient shelter and warmth, and give them plenty of attention and exercise, there’s no reason why leaving your Springer Spaniel outside would be cruel.

Can a Springer Spaniel live outside in winter?

Winter is probably the time of year in which your Springer Spaniel is begging to spend as much time as they possibly can outdoors as we keep our homes too warm for them. So, can your Springer Spaniel live outdoors in winter?

Yes. As long as you take certain precautions, it’s okay for your Springer Spaniel to live outside in winter. A kennel made from a robust yet breathable material like wood, with a door that flaps shut behind your pooch, will go a long way in keeping your Springer Spaniel at a comfortable temperature.

You may need a large kennel so that you can keep your Springer’s food and water bowls inside it to prevent them from freezing over!

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Can a Springer Spaniel live outside in summer?

In the summertime, living outside becomes substantially riskier for your Springer Spaniel. Sure, you now no longer have to worry about their bowls freezing over. But, there are many pests on the go at this time of the year, not to mention the risk of your Springer Spaniel overheating.

If your Springer Spaniel is living outside in summer, make sure they wear a flea and tick collar, or you use a flea and tick spot-on with them. Get your Springer groomed regularly too, and make sure their sleeping area is kept cool and shady.

You will probably have to refill their water bowl more often, so consider moving it indoors to make this easier. If possible, it may also be safest to bring your Springer Spaniel indoors for the summer too.

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