What happens in week 5 of a dog’s pregnancy?

What happens in week 5 of a dog's pregnancy

In our last article, we took a look at what happens during week 4 of your dog’s pregnancy. In this series of posts, we’ve discussed the different stages of your dog’s pregnancy, as well as some of the potential signs of early pregnancy and what happens in the later stages, too.

But, what happens in week 5 of a dog’s pregnancy? During this stage near the end of your dog’s pregnancy, how will your pregnant pooch’s behavior change?

How will your pregnant dog’s body change during this fifth week? How will the puppies develop? And, what sort of symptoms should you keep an eye out for? In this series of articles, we’re taking a look at what will happen during your dog’s entire pregnancy, from week 1 right up to week 9.

When can you feel puppies in a pregnant dog?

Did you know that it’s possible for both you and your vet to feel obvious movement from your dog’s puppy fetuses at just 4 weeks? Your dog, too, will start to feel the pups moving around inside them at this stage.

However, an untrained person should not touch a dog’s belly when they are pregnant, whether to confirm pregnancy or to count the puppies. Not only will your hormonal dog not appreciate it, but touching your dog’s puppies without knowing what you are doing could also cause irreparable harm to the developing fetuses, even at 5 weeks.

Instead, take your dog to the vet to confirm pregnancy. Your vet can show you every last one of the puppies using ultrasound or can count them by trained palpation if an ultrasound is not yet feasible.

Will a dog show at 5 weeks pregnant?

Absolutely. During these last two weeks of your pooch’s pregnancy, your dog will be very obviously pregnant in a lot of ways. At 5 weeks, your dog may develop morning sickness, for example. 

They may also become increasingly tired and lethargic as the days go on. Your dog belly will also be noticeably large, causing them some difficulty with moving around – especially if they have a particularly large litter.

Can you feel puppies move at 5 weeks?

Yes, it is possible for an owner to feel their dog’s puppies moving at just 5 weeks. However, the puppies generally begin moving in earnest at 6 weeks. Later on, at 7 weeks, you may even be able to see the puppies moving around under your dog’s skin!

As we mentioned earlier, do not touch your dog’s belly to confirm pregnancy or litter number. Only your vet should do this. If you do touch your dog’s belly at all, be very gentle and careful, or you risk harming the developing puppy fetuses.

Do dogs sleep a lot before labor?

Yes. When your dog is imminently about to give birth, they will instinctively want to nest and spend as much time as they can sleeping and relaxing in their “nest”. Just before birth, you can expect your dog to pant, pace, refusing their food, and sometimes even vomit.

Another sure sign that your dog is about to go into labor is a drop in their temperature. Your dog’s normal temperature is anywhere from 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. But, when they are about to give birth, the drop in hormonal activity causes your pooch’s temperature to drop to 99 degrees or less. This can occur up to 24 hours before your dog actually goes into labor.

Can a dog drink water while giving birth?

The act of giving birth can be long and strenuous for anyone, especially when there are so many babies involved at one time. It’s difficult to know what is safe to do and what can be dangerous. So, can you give your pooch water while they are giving birth? Or should you wait until after?

Well, your dog does actually lose quite a lot of fluids during the process of giving birth. Since your dog will need lots of fluid and good nutrition to support the puppies in this coming time, it’s important to keep your dog as hydrated and fit as possible, even while they are giving birth.

Don’t offer your dog their water bowl while they are giving birth. If you really must, you may be able to administer a dropper into their mouth.

Instead, provide your pooch with plenty to eat or drink just after they give birth. Don’t force them to drink or eat at first, though. If they aren’t interested in eating or drinking, some tasty wet food or a nutrient gel may be good options to give your dog the best nutrition.

Can a dog have one puppy early?

Dogs are a polytocous animals. This means they always have more than one puppy. Even the smallest dog usually whelps at least two puppies.

Dogs do occasionally deliver some pups prematurely. A truly premature puppy will be noticeably small and will need prompt treatment intensive care.

However, some dogs also give birth at full term, but only manage to deliver one or two puppies before they appear to stop. Though this is common, this is not normal. There’s a chance that a puppy is stuck. So, if your dog only gives birth to one or two pups with a long gap, you may need to take them to the vets for an emergency C-section.

Do dogs bleed before giving birth?

Giving birth is definitely at least a little uncomfortable for most dogs. Giving birth also leads to minor unpleasant effects in many dogs, like diarrhea or incontinence. But is bleeding while giving birth normal?

No, bleeding before giving birth or during birth is never normal for your dog. If your dog bleeds at any time during their pregnancy, tell your vet, even if the bleeding stops or is light. Bleeding before giving birth could be a sign of your dog having an early pregnancy or another health problem requiring prompt treatment.

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