How do you potty train a Dorkie?

The Dorkie is a crossbreed that’s growing in popularity. A mix of Dachshund and Yorkie, you may see the Yorkie’s determination and the Dachshund’s relentless energy shine through from time to time.

But did you know that the Dorkie can be stubborn? So how do you potty train a Dorkie? Let’s take a look at some tips and advice for potty training your Dorkie:

How do you potty train a Dorkie?

Are Dorkies hard to potty train?

Dorkies are not disobedient dogs, but they love people and enjoy showing off their tricks and skills, picking up new ones with aplomb. It’s a different story when it comes to potty training, however.

If you try to send them outside, these stubborn little pooches often point blank refuse. Even if you bundle them up, they won’t go out there and lift their leg!

At what age should a Dorkie be potty trained?

Okay, so Dorkies can be stubborn. But in general, Dorkies should be potty trained by 7 months old. Starting potty training your Dorkie at any age after this should go smoothly enough – they are now old enough to understand what to do.

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How often should I take my Dorkie out to potty?

When potty training your Dorkie, you should take them out regularly so they can build a routine and relieve themselves outdoors. However, being generally small dogs, Dorkies have accordingly small bladders.

To start with, try taking your Dorkie out every 3 hours or so. Always bring them to the same spot every time you go out together and wait for a while. Then, let them sniff as much as they like before bringing them back in.

Between piddle breaks, your Dorkie may start to learn how to tell you they want out. For example, your Doxie may bark, scratch at, or stand near the door. Take your Dorkie out when they do this, too.

How many times does a Dorkie pee a day?

Wondering how many toilet breaks your Doxie needs? Should you be concerned? An average healthy dog produces 10 – 20ml of pee daily for each pound of body weight.

So, this typically equates to 3 to 5 pee breaks a day. So, if your Doxie is going more than 5 times or less than 3, it may be time to head to the vet.

Can my Dorkie hold their bladder all day?

When you go out to work or school, you may be wondering – will my Doxie be okay holding in their pee all day?

Is it healthy for this tiny dog to keep it all day? Despite their small size, your Doxie can hold in their bladder for 8 to 10 hours. Your Dorkie does this while sleeping, after all.

Still, this can be stretching it for your Doxie’s small bladder. So, if your Dorkie needs to stay home alone for an extended period, why not use an indoor doggy toilet? Modern dog toilets are an excellent option. Far from being puppy pads, doggy toilets are reusable and eco-friendly.

How long after my Dorkie drinks will they need to pee?

Are you wondering if you should prevent your Dorkie from drinking water before bed or even take their water bowl away at night? Have you ever noticed your Dorkie scratching at the door quite soon after having a drink? What’s up with this?

Most puppies indeed feel the urge to go around fifteen minutes after drinking water. So if your Dorkie is like this, just be on standby near the door whenever they have sipped water.

But what if your Doxie likes to drink loads of water before bed? This doesn’t mean your Dorkie will need to pee afterwards. But if you’re worried, why not consider an indoor doggy toilet?

How do I potty train my Dorkie?

So, the time has come to potty train your Dorkie! How should you do it?

First of all, choose your potty spot. Then, position your doggy toilet inside the home, or head to your Dorkie’s favourite outdoor crevice.

Then, wait until they do the deed! You can now give your Dorkie a spoken command like “Go potty” or “Get busy”.

Be sure to praise your Dorkie when they go to the bathroom. This will help them figure out this is the right thing to do.

Your Dorkie will need to continue training at night. So, put down a puppy pad or a dedicated indoor dog toilet for nighttime.

Accidents will happen. You may wake up to a few puddles on the floor, or they may even occur on the greeting mat right after a long walk! When they do, don’t be aversive.

Don’t rub their nose in their urine, for example. Don’t do anything. Just ignore it and move on. You’ll have your Dorkie trained in no time!

Should I confine my Dorkie?

You may have heard that it’s important to confine your Dorkie to one space while potty training them. How important is this?

You might want to confine your Dorkie because you’d also be limiting their messes. Yes, when your Dorkie has accidents, they could quickly mess up the whole house, right? But when you make your Dorkie stick to their crate in one room, their mess also stays in that area.

Confining your Dorkie to one area also means you can keep better track of them when they decide they need to go out! Confinement keeps a curious, teething puppy safe from skirting boards, cushions, and whatever else a curious Dorkie mouth could find!

That said, if you decide to confine or create your Dorkie, you must keep a careful track of how much time they spend in it. After all, roaming free is vital for any dog, especially when they’re young.

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