Do great Danes get along with pugs

Do great Danes get along with pugs? The quick answer is: Great Danes do get along with Pugs. After spending time together they will be fine.

Personality Traits of Pugs

Pugs are full of personality and bond strongly with their owners. If you are looking for a lap dog then pugs are for you. Our pug has the best temperament ever and is great with our children aged 11 and 19 months. There Weight Ranges are 14-18 lbs for a male and 14-18 lbs for a female. Pugs have a life of 12 – 15 years.

They range in height from 10 to 11 inches with short hair. The most common colors are fawn, Black, But of course, since other colors exist.

We hardly hear our pug bark but some can have a Tendency to Bark.

Pugs have a real sense of humor, and are very entertaining to watch at play often having a mad 5 minutes off running around the room. But be aware they can get out of breath quick due to their flat nose and breathing problems. You might have to turn up the TV due to there snoring and wheezing.

Personality Traits of Great Danes

Great Danes are considered gentle giants and generally get along with other dogs. For a large dog they are very mild-mannered. But be warned they can be boisterous and destructive as adolescents.

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You can be paying out a lot of money on replacing things as they like jumping and leaping over objects and furniture around the house. Great Danes do need a lot of space due to their size.

Great Danes weigh approximately 100 to 120 pounds (45 to 59 kilograms) and are around 33 inches tall. They don’t have a long life, The average lifespan is seven to nine years.

This breed provides a great dog for home protection with there size and deep bark. So you can be rest assured your property is in safe hands.

Feeding time for Great Danes and Pugs

Pugs can be fussy eaters and can miss meals when they are stressed or upset. They can also put on weight easily, the best way to rectify this is to plump up there food with low fat dry food.

But with Great Danes they do need even more care than other breeds, due to their unique nutritional requirements, and rather heightened propensity to developing digestive conditions such as bloat and GDV (gastric dilation volvulous). Both are extremely painful and can potentially prove fatal.

Exercise for Great Danes and Pugs

Great Danes need plenty of exercise and need at least a couple of hours exercise every day to burn off their excess energy and help keep them healthy. They are best suited in large living spaces and large gardens to roam free as the wish.

Pugs are much less needy and don’t need as much exercises like Great Danes. You should aim at giving an adult Pug around a 20-minute walk a day.

But on a hot day I think it is best to leave it till the afternoon. Keep an eye out for panting, If they do take a break as they don,t know when to take a rest.

Are Pugs and Great Deans good with children?


Pugs are great with children, as I said at the start of this article my pug is great with our kids. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. I have never seen him being aggressive with the children or even a stranger.

But with any dog you always need to be aware and never leave a dog unattended with a child. Pugs tend to be lovers, not fighters. Our pug is happiest on your lap having a cuddle.

Great Deans

Do great Danes get along with pugs

Great Deans are also great with children and other animals but can be aggressive with dogs they do not know. You will have to be more careful with children around Great Danes due to there size. They are not great with spatial awareness.

Another thing to watch out for is they do like to lean and set on things so if you have a small child to will need to eye a close eye on them. The breed is very protective and intelligent making them fantastic playmates for children.

I personally would love to own one if we had the room, They are my favorite dog breed and are unlovable animals with a great temperament.

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