Do American Bulldogs Need C-Sections?

Do American Bulldogs Need C-Sections?

As a small breed of dog, as well as a dog that has some well-known physical problems and also has documented difficulties giving birth, do American Bulldogs need c-sections?

And if so, how many American Bulldogs need emergency c-sections? How many American Bulldogs can give birth naturally? Let’s find out:

What is a c-section for American Bulldogs?

First of all, what does it mean when an American Bulldog gets a c-section? How is the process carried out, and why would a vet recommend the procedure?

Well, it is common knowledge that the American Bulldog tends to be a breed of dog with a more narrow than the average pelvis, even by general Bulldog standards.

Because of this, the breed can experience some major difficulties with giving birth conventionally, or they may even find it impossible.

Many vets are aware of this problem, and if you let them know that your American Bulldog is pregnant, it is likely that your vet will recommend that you book your American Bulldog in for scheduled c-sections.

Of course, it is possible that your American Bulldog could give birth to her litter naturally, and you may opt to do this, instead.

But breeders often find that part of the way through giving birth, complications arise for their American Bulldog, and they end up needing to go for an emergency c-section.

So, only opt for a natural birth if your American Bulldog has a larger than the average pelvis, or their litter when checked out by the vet seems to have small enough heads to be able to pass through your American Bulldog’s pelvis.

Why do American Bulldogs get c-sections?

Many people say that more and more c-sections are being scheduled for American Bulldogs. Is this true? If so, what are some of the reasons for this?

Well yes, it is completely true and well-documented that Cesarean sections are on the rise for American Bulldogs. But actually, today, c-sections are also on the rise for all breeds.

Part of the reason for the rise in c-sections for American Bulldogs is the recent rise in people also breeding the dog.

Plus, Some breeders just have an overly cautious style of breeding, especially at first, and so they always do a c-section with all their births.

Why do so many American Bulldogs go for scheduled c-sections?

Many American Bulldogs have very large litters. This tends to have an American Bulldog completely tired out before they’ve even finished giving birth.

If you take your American Bulldog to the vet’s and the vet notices that your American Bulldog is carrying a very large litter, your vet will probably recommend that your American Bulldog gets scheduled in for a c-section.

What’s more is, a lot of American Bulldogs have fetal-maternal disproportion. This is just another way of saying that the American Bulldogs puppies’ heads are disproportionately large when compared with the size of the American Bulldog mother’s pelvis, as we mentioned earlier.

Most Bulldogs are prone to this condition, but American Bulldogs specifically are especially likely to have significantly smaller than average pelvises.

So, did you know that around 95% of all Bulldogs end up needing a c-section to fully deliver their litter?

Why would American Bulldogs get emergency c-sections?

Thankfully, most of the problems that an American Bulldog can experience while giving birth are typically identified by a vet pretty early, long before an American Bulldog ever does give birth.

So, hardly any American Bulldogs actually end up needing to get an emergency c-sections. Instead, they have planned c-sections, or they even have traditional, natural births instead.

Sometimes, though, a Bulldog starts out giving birth in a conventional way but becomes too fatigued to continue. This may be because of the typical larger than average Bulldog’s litter size, as we mentioned earlier.

However, another reason is the Bulldog’s larger than the average skull, which the mother Bulldog finds it difficult to give birth to.

What are the advantages of c-sections for American Bulldogs?

Why do so many American Bulldogs get c-sections? Surely it is best to have a natural birth when possible? Well, yes, if an American Bulldog is able to have a natural birth, this is better.

But even if they will be just about able to give birth in a conventional way, there are still many advantages to a c-section, especially for the American Bulldog breed. So, what are some of these advantages?

First of all, the American Bulldog is very likely to have a much larger than average litters, as we mentioned earlier. And seeing as delivering so many puppies can be exhausting for an American Bulldog, a c-section can be advantageous.

Then there’s the fact that all Bulldogs have extremely small pelvises, especially the American Bulldog. Because of this, a c-section really is better for an American Bulldog, even if the puppies are confirmed to be small enough to be delivered comfortably.

But as well as all this, it is also quite common to discover various abnormalities during the time that an American Bulldog is giving birth, which forces a breeder to suddenly have to take their American Bulldog for an emergency c-section.

Since this is so common, why not just go for a scheduled c-section?

Why do some breeders avoid c-sections for American Bulldogs?

It is true that there are some reasons against some American Bulldogs giving birth via c-section. For one reason or another, it is sometimes just not appropriate for an American Bulldog to have a c-section. What are some of these reasons?

Well, the cost is one factor that can be prohibitive. It can be very expensive to get your American Bulldog booked in for a Cesarean section at the vets.

Plus, recently, some American Bulldogs are actually healthy enough to deliver their puppies in a natural way.

Their pelvis is wider than average, so they should be able to give birth comfortably. If this American Bulldog themselves was delivered naturally, this makes it more likely.

So, your vet is not just telling you to get your American Bulldog booked in for a c-section so that they can make a quick buck – far from it. A Cesarean section can be important for the health of your

American Bulldog and their litter. After all, a vet is typically well informed on the difficulties an American Bulldog can have giving birth.

But in the future, as the health of American Bulldogs improves, less and less American Bulldogs will need Cesarean sections.

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By Michelle McDaid

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