Are Dalmatians Good With Kids

Are Dalmatians Good With Kids

Choosing a dog to accompany your family is a huge decision, especially if you have children. It’s not something you should hop into without thoughtful planning; it’s a long commitment. While adding a dog to your home brings more responsibility (noting that you are already busy with the kids)– it also adds a lot of extra work!

You are here definitely because you plan on getting a Dalmatian. But having kids, you are afraid that it may cause them harm, so you ask: are dalmatians good with kids?

Dalmatians have sincere affection towards kids. Yet, you want a breed that is not only tolerable with children but can be your child’s best buddy, only a few breeds can come close to the excited Dalmatian.

How to make Dalmatians and Kids Get Along

We have already explained that Dalmatians can get along with children by practicing good submission and socializing skills. The first time to begin training is when the puppy is 8 to 16 weeks old. They are most likely to learn, exercise, and adapt comfortably with kids and family members.

The best approach to teach dogs is through positive training.

  • Please lecture your young family members about how they should treat their new playmate.
  • Ensure that your kids behave respectfully towards the pup.
  • Encourage them to do plenty of petting gently.

If you don’t want your Dal pup to get irritated quickly, you should be aware that

  • Dalmatians are an energetic breed, so they hate to be carried around. It’s okay to carry them for seconds, but not minutes.
  • They get annoyed when someone grips their mouths.
  • Ear and tail tugging is also a no-no.

How to teach Dalmatians to act well with kids

Teaching pooch some manners is the stepping stone in guaranteeing the safety of family members, primarily your children. Dalmatians have the tendency to jump up. Tho it’s in their nature, not everybody adores this behavior, and it might frighten and bump into your children.

Here are two ways to train your pooch not to do it:

  1. Teach your Dal simple commands like sit and down so you’ll be able to practice him to behave nicely around kids. If he obeys the instructions, you can command him to sit or down whenever they jump up.
  1. If your dog jumps up on you, grab his paws and kindly put them on the floor. Praise him for keeping his four feet on the floor. Repeat this process every time and give your dog treats for his excellent behavior.

By doing this, he will realize that it is more rewarding to keep his feet on the floor rather than jumping up to people.

Nurturing your Dalmatian can be a daunting job. If you think you can’t handle it yourself, it’s good to take your pup on training classes and ask for help from an expert. Train your dog as soon as he gets 8 weeks old; if your dog is socialized too late, it will become harder to train him.

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How can you train your Dalmatians to act calmer

Because Dalmatians are such a high-energy breed, I advise you to give them a minimum of 2 hours of physical activity to ease down their drive. The following are some activities that will help release your Dal’s stamina:

  • Give him free playtime off the leash to spend running.
  • You can take a stick or a tennis ball to play fetch with him.
  • Let your Dalmatian join along while you perform endurance sports like cycling and jogging.

Note: Don’t remove his leash where he might harm others or himself, e.g., a road with traffic.

If inside the home, another great way to lose excess energy is by playing hide and seek using his beloved toy. You can also involve mental activities by teaching him basic or medium commands like sit, stay, and down.

Mobility is necessary for a Dalmatian. Without sufficient exercise, your dog will create new ways to burn off their mental and physical energy, which is likely unfavourable for your home.

Use the dog training programme

If you are looking to learn how to train your dog or puppy using force-free training methods then I recommend this online video course. I purchased it last year and some of the tips I learned I still use today. Most of the training methods aren’t available on the internet.

You will learn

  • Attention skills
  • Obedience skills
  • Relationship skills and lots more

Each session is bite-sized with a focus on getting the student to take the action with information and demonstrations, find out more here.

What kids should not do when playing with Dalmatian

We can agree that some unwanted accidents are not primarily the dog’s fault. After teaching your dog the proper behavior when around kids, you should also explain to your children the dos and donts when playing with a Dalmatian.

  • Inform them not to grab mouth or the tail of the dog as they can be provoked.
  • These dogs are sensitive, so teach your children to not hit or offend them. Dalmatians can grow sore after being hit.
  • Don’t let your kids touch the dog’s toy as much as possible; dalmatian breed are known for their possessiveness.
  • When resting, tell your toddlers not to disturb the dog by touching them in their sleep.

Follow these guidelines, and you will enjoy the company of a loving dalmatian in your family!

In a Nutshell

It is essential to ensure that everyone in the house, both dogs and humans, know how to interact with each other.

Considering your kids’ personalities are also crucial. For instance, you wouldn’t want an overly energetic Dalmatian in your home if your kid gets easily frightened by big movements. However, if you think you can teach a dal puppy proper behaviors, this might not be a big deal.

Letting your kids choose the pup that will make them the happiest playing with is a great idea. Allowing them to assist in bathing your dog and feeding your friend will also help them get comfortable with each other.

Whether you consider adopting a dog, purchasing from a breeder, or look into multiple rescues, it’s invariably crucial to have strong knowledge of the dog you’re about to welcome into your world. Once you get your new Dalmatian pup, don’t forget to follow the tips above so you can be the best pet parent to your new furry baby!

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